Ustaz Kazim was offered to be the ‘hero’, starting filming this March

Ustaz Kazim was offered to be the ‘hero’, starting filming this March

Popular preacher Datuk Ustaz Kazim Elias has revealed that he will be involved in a biographical film next March.

The offer, said Ustaz Kazim, 49, was a testament to the various tests that befell him, including a mysterious illness since last year.

“God has made me sick in various ways because He wants to give me other wisdom.

“That’s what treats my heart and I think it’s good. I consider my sins a lot, so this is one thing that removes sin.

“Some people ask, ustaz is sick in three or four months, what is the thing that Allah gave to ustaz.

“I got an offer to act in a film, to be a hero. It’s a biographical film about me,” he told Gempak .

However, he has not been able to share in detail about the biographical film.

Ustaz Kazim was met at the launch of the new flavor of Faa-iz Goat Milk at the Datul Faizin Islamic Complex (KIDaF), Kedah recently.

Also organized at the same program was the Israk Mikraj Premier Forum.

Continuing to talk, said Ustaz Kazim again, the biographical film will tell the story of his life from childhood until now.

“Alhamdulillah, I am thankful to Allah. I think in Malaysia this is the first story about the life of a ustaz. Life since childhood until now.

“Let the director keep it a secret first, there will be a launching ceremony in March.

“So far I have written the script and they have also sent me the synopsis.

“Just to start filming,” he added.


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