Ustaz Kazim Elias asks for help to cure ‘mysterious’ disease

Ustaz Kazim Elias asks for help to cure ‘mysterious’ disease

KUALA LUMPUR: Independent preacher, Datuk Mohd Kazim Elias has applied for help to cure an illness he has been suffering from for the past eight months.

In an upload on the social media site Facebook, the individual better known as Ustaz Kazim revealed a picture of one hand and his face covered with several small black lumps that were also all over his body.

“All this time I kept my condition to myself but after trying to get modern and traditional treatment for eight months, I feel like I can no longer hide it from the public.

‘This is the condition of my face now and all this time I hide through patches when appearing in public, not just on the face but all over the body and it can happen to wound itself up to the point of bleeding indiscriminately.

“I can’t post other situations because I’m shy and very, very humble, that’s why I post arms as a metaphor on my body,” he said on Wednesday.

Commenting further, Ustaz Kazim said he needed the help of anyone, including doctors or alternative medicine to treat the disease he suffered.

He added that the pain, itching and soreness as well as the various feelings that happened to him could no longer be hidden when his sleep was also disturbed over the past month.

He was also worried that his illness would make him resign from preaching despite still receiving invitations to talks and programs.

“Sometimes I go in and out of the talk in a hurry because I can’t bear the pain and agony. Despite being labeled arrogant for not being as friendly with the listeners as I used to be, I am brave because I know many don’t know my true condition.

“Thank you for offering help and advice to me, I have tried to seek medicine in many places but have not been given permission by Allah SWT. Maybe there are among you who can help me.

“I also apologize if all this time my words and behavior have hurt your feelings,” he said.

source – Afiezy Azaman

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