Up and Coming Musical Artist Finds a Voice for Wild Horses and the Environment Amidst Ominous Climate News

Up and Coming Musical Artist Finds a Voice for Wild Horses and the Environment Amidst Ominous Climate News

“SENSORAMA” Danny Singh and The Cana Foundation

Pegasus special effects visuals as part of the transcending, evocative content of SENSORAMA.

NEW YORK, March 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Danny Singh’s creative vision and genre bending work of his newest project “SENSORAMA” takes on a new meaning as he teams up with Cana Foundation, a global rewilding organization that advocates for wild horses, and rewilding initiatives to help raise awareness.

Danny felt it was the right time to team up with Cana Foundation when he saw the videos of horrifying wild horse roundups and public lands here in America being destroyed by the federal government.

” Why wait?” the queens born native explains, “it is time my generation takes a stand for the environment and the animals that need our help. I created ‘SENSORAMA’ as a three part story; Rebel, reflect and rewild. It is a process,” Danny explains, ” We all have to go through it to understand our feelings and to take a stand.”

To help spread the message of “SENSORAMA” and Rewilding, Danny uses his music to create transcending and emotional visual content to draw you into his world. Danny wanted live wild horse roundup footage to be used in the video, supplied by Wild Horse Education from roundups in the summer of 2022.

Danny’s music is a collaborative blend of Punk, electronica and pop that takes the listener on a journey of the senses. The perfect pairing of creative talent and environmental messaging for Gen Z to understand.

Manda Kalimian, founder of the Cana Foundation, whose mission is to: conserve and restore North American landscapes through rewilding initiatives, with a focus on wild horses, bison, and other native herbivores as keystone species, believes that artistic expression can be a powerful tool for raising awareness for environmental issues. “When words are not enough to express yourself, music and visuals can take people to a new place of understanding, they can feel the issues. I found my voice and hope to inspire others to find theirs,” said Kalimian.

This shared motivation led to the collaboration between Danny Singh and the Cana Foundation to create “SENSORAMA” – a music video that combines visual and sonic messaging to promote the message of rewilding.

“I hope this comes as a wake-up call for my generation to get up and rewild. I feel like my peers and I get stuck in the same cycle, it’s comfortable for all of us, but this project is meant to shock us and show us what reality could look like if we make the switch. You don’t have to die to see heaven,” said Danny Singh.

Hailing from Queens, New York with his Guyanese parents and two brothers, Danny’s music is an ode to the streets which he came from as well as his upbringing.

Become a part of the “SENSORAMA” experience by purchasing the Generation Cana hoodie as seen in the music video and help and the movement to Rewild… “You don’t have to die to see heaven”~ Danny

Genre: Alternative
“Prototype” serves as a call to action for young people to awaken a passion for the conservation of the earth. This record was written as a message for rebellion, to stand up against the powers that be, in order to make a change.
Apple Music

Genre: Pop/ Drum & Bass
This song is about reflection, everybody has a choice as to the life they want to live. The power is in your hand, so choose wisely. Every action has a consequence and this record is meant to highlight the power of the choices we make.

Genre: Pop Punk Love Song
“This song is dedicated to my soulmate, my best friend, my everything. Everything happens for a reason and somehow life’s turmoil brought us together” said Danny Singh.
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SOURCE – CANA Foundation


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