Undergo nose surgery? This is Zarina Zainuddin’s explanation…

Undergo nose surgery? This is Zarina Zainuddin’s explanation…

ACTRESS Zarina Zainuddin shares the latest developments regarding the sinus problems she suffered from before.

Never thought she would get the disease, Zarina said, she was thankful when the problem improved after undergoing surgery to remove the fluid that accumulated in her face.

“Alhamdulillah, my sinus condition is getting better, there is only a little left on the side of my nose.

“When I operated and opened the nose, the doctor removed the liquid, but she said the liquid would move. My migraines are getting better.

“I didn’t know there was sinus, as far as I know my son Azal has sinus. When I went abroad, the weather was so cold that it made my nose itch. Then the doctor checked and he said it was sinus,” she said .

Zarina said this when met at the Star Vendors KLCC Mega Raya Fest 2023 press conference held in the capital on Thursday.

At the same time, the actress also admitted that after undergoing fluid removal surgery, she had surgery on her nose to look more beautiful.

“After I had surgery and removed the fluid, I repaired my nose a little, it’s not really bad. I’m an actor, I won’t let my face be ugly, right?

“I didn’t really change this nose, if I really did it well I would straighten it and make it stick out,” she said.

Apart from that, Zarina also said that she refused to take issue as the mischievous talk of netizens who accused her of doing facial surgery without an examination.

“People want to talk, let it be. Haters gonna hate, explain it anyway if he doesn’t like it too.

“I’m old too, too lazy to think about problems. It’s not good to be angry and jealous with people. Always be positive,” she added.


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