Tya Ariffin returned to Indonesia for business

Tya Ariffin returned to Indonesia for business

“If we want to succeed in any field, including business, sometimes there are things we have to sacrifice. Pray that my plan through the Mutyara herbal business in Indonesia goes smoothly. ”

This was said by singer, actress and businesswoman Tya Ariffin who will return to his home country, Indonesia to further expand his business there.

Tya, 28, or real name Nurtria Wulandari said the decision was made not only for the future of the business but also to help build community life there.

“God willing, we will start this planning early next year. Since I also have a family here, so for a while I will commute first. This is the sacrifice my husband and I need to make.

“Alhamdulillah, during this business we have managed to help 40,000 women to get the opportunity to do business with me. In fact, some have achieved a target of more than RM1 million besides most of them have already achieved their dreams.

“So, I want to bring the same aura and spirit to Indonesia. Of course I would also like to see the women there succeed in achieving their dreams. It is hoped that the opportunities that will be brought by Mutyara will provide something beneficial for all parties, “she said.

According to Tya, who is also the wife of entrepreneur Asyraf Khalid, her journey as an entrepreneur with a business built since 2018 also faces its own challenges.

“During the four years of building this Mutyara herbal medicine business here, it is acknowledged that the process and route are not easy. Various challenges and trials were faced. Where some people continue to succeed. Only, we must always strive and believe in the sustenance of Allah SWT.

“Alhamdulillah, thanks to the support of my husband, family and in -laws, the brand that was built is becoming more known and hopefully it will continue to be strong. Of course, I hope the same thing when Mutyara hits the Indonesian market later, ”she said.

For the record, the herbal and traditional concept products that use the Tya family’s hereditary recipes from Indonesia are also marketed in Singapore, Brunei and Australia.

Also special, Mutyara is prepared from natural ingredients and sunnah food with a tastier taste and easy to drink by the women of the archipelago.

source – wilayahku


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