Two years after Ashraf Sinclair’s death, BCL is sincere, happy ‘on the way’

Two years after Ashraf Sinclair’s death, BCL is sincere, happy ‘on the way’

Singer Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL) is now living life as a single mother after her beloved husband, Ashraf Sinclair passed away on 18 February 2020.

After two years of living alone, BCL admits she is still in a phase of calming down and finding happiness.

“Right now I want to be calm, I want to be happy,” said BCL as reported by who took an interview from TS Media’s YouTube channel.

Although it is not easy to let go of the sweet memories of living with the man she loves so much, BCL says she needs to continue living with their only son, Noah.

“Still on the way (towards happiness). What’s more I just went through something that has changed this life.

“It’s like being born again, baby step. Like a baby, born and learning to walk again. Now she is still trying to crawl to be able to stand up again, ”she admitted to Luna Maya who was the host.

The beautiful singer however insisted if anyone asked if she was happy with her life, BCL said ‘Im happy.’

“I’m happy but still need to manage a lot of feelings in it so that more enthusiasm and back to normal,” she admitted without hiding.

Yet she does not want to rush to restore her feelings because she believes that to achieve happiness, she still has to go through the process.

“I believe in the process, maybe it can be speeded up or vice versa.

“But I can’t force my feelings, so I slowly accept a life that is different.

“Yes, I can laugh and I’m back happy, we’re just normal human beings who have to go on living so it takes a long process for me,” she added.

In the same interview, BCL said it was sincere with Ashraf’s departure.

“I have sincerely acknowledged Ashraf’s departure. It doesn’t feel too ‘heavy’ like these two years.

“Now is the time for me to focus on my own lives and those of our children,” she concluded.

source – Gempak

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