Trubify Goes Global!

Trubify Goes Global!

Revolutionary Music-Streaming App Inks 7-Figure Licensing Deal for Emerging Markets

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Trubify, the live music-streaming app that is disrupting the industry by offering the highest payouts for artists, is expanding its reach globally. A 7-figure licensing deal for Trubify’s technology has been signed for emerging music markets in the world.

Trubify – Global Expansion of the Artist First Platform

“We have been very strategic about growth for the platform,” says Trubify Founder and CEO Stephen Tyszka. “But we are growing even faster than anticipated. Even more exciting, I feel gratified and inspired that Trubify is bringing its artist-first technology to new and emerging worldwide markets so that more and more creators can feel rewarded, nurtured, and fairly compensated for their work.”

Trubify’s revolutionary music ecosystem is co-created by musicians and powered by fans—all supporting fair pay for music streaming. Trubify disrupts an epidemic of artistic exploitation by compensating its creators an unprecedented two cents per livestream viewer and one cent per on-demand viewer. In addition, Trubify offers other features that help artists and fans discover, engage, and share new music, lessons, play-throughs, discussions, and even re-engineered cover songs (Trubify takes care of the licensing fees and administration for music makers).

“The Trubify app is an innovative way for music artists to generate wealth for themselves,” says iconic record producer, entrepreneur, and radio personality DJ Envy.

The recent licensing deal will provide more and more creators across the globe access to Trubify’s groundbreaking technology.

“It will be thrilling to see all of the exciting new styles, artists, cultural exchanges, and musical hybrids that a ‘Global Trubify’ will host on our platform,” says Tyszka.

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