Tribe Builder Media Mogul, Danielle Sabrina, Announces “Genre 22” Record Label Launch and Trending New Pop Artist “Hazy Shea”

Tribe Builder Media Mogul, Danielle Sabrina, Announces “Genre 22” Record Label Launch and Trending New Pop Artist “Hazy Shea”

LOS ANGELES, May 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Danielle Sabrina, award-winning publicist and founder of Tribe Builder Media, today announced the launch of Genre 22, an independent label she formed with her daughter and artist Taylor Graveline known as Hazy Shea.

A concept born from a poolside conversation over a year ago, Genre 22 rapidly manifested into a synchronistic imprint, aligning seamlessly with Sabrina’s impressive PR and media repertoire and her vast range of industry connections. Those connections cohesively formed the formidable team behind Genre 22, complete with the emergence of Hazy Shea, the label’s foundational artist.

After signing a management deal with Dee Gomes, Hazy Shea has made a name for herself as an artist on the rise, with her first three hits garnering prolific playbacks and widespread media attention. Entertainment publications quickly labeled her the next Billie Eilish, presumably stemming from her unique vocal range and melancholic lyrics. From her inaugural release of “Forever 21” to the most recent drop of “Messed Up”, Shea knows how to keep her listeners coming back for more. Hazy recently performed her first live show at the Peppermint Club, a music venue owned by Interscope Records in West Hollywood. With her debut performance behind her, she already has a loaded schedule of venue-packing gigs on the horizon.

“I always knew one day I would start a record label. I remember being 20 years old, not knowing what I truly wanted to do in life, and purchasing a book about how to start a record label. At the time, my children were so young, and I lived in a rural area that wasn’t prominent for accessing talent or creating a sustainable label, so I put the idea aside. Who knew 20 years later, I would be launching that very idea with my daughter.

I never had any idea that my daughter was going to end up being an artist. However, since she was old enough to talk, she’s been signing, making up songs, and doing home performances. It wasn’t until high school that she start learning how to make music. Making music was just a hobby for her for a few years, until about a year ago when she decided to pursue it full time. That was when we decided that creating our label would make the most sense. From that day forward, everything has fallen into place so seamlessly and I’m just so grateful to create something so magical with my family.

We now have a team of nine people helping to bring our vision to life and launch Hazy Shea as the superstar we all know she is.”

About Danielle Sabrina:

Danielle Sabrina is a celebrity publicist and the founder of Tribe Builder Media, an award-winning boutique PR firm. Before founding her agency, she started her career on Wall Street at just 19 years old, becoming one of the youngest traders in the industry. Known for her media and brand strategy, her results-oriented reputation through the years has gained the trust of many high-profile CEOs, professional athletes, and celebrities, making her one of the most sought-after brand and media strategists. Additionally, she was named Female Entrepreneur of the Year, CIO’s Top 20 Female Entrepreneur to follow, and Entrepreneur Magazine’s expert contributor.

About Hazy Shea:

Hazy Shea is a singer/songwriter hailing from Los Angeles with a distinct and expressive post-punk edge. Hazy’s sound and lyrics summon a starry vehemence and cast a dreamy yet melancholic landscape. She evokes a visceral response in her listeners by creating a nostalgic vibe, transporting each to a specific moment in time but universal in nature.

Hazy’s music can be found on all your favorite music-streaming platforms, including YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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