TransMedia Group to Media Amplify ‘3-Time Industry Showcase Winner’ Dequan Starnes and His Latest Hit Song ‘You’re Enough’

TransMedia Group to Media Amplify ‘3-Time Industry Showcase Winner’ Dequan Starnes and His Latest Hit Song ‘You’re Enough’

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TransMedia Group retained to raise media traction and popular standing even higher for Dequan Starnes, a 3-Time Industry Showcase Winner, and his Music Recording business that helps to fulfill goals and aspirations of other talents, Destined 4 Greatness Management LLC (D4G Management).

TransMedia said its PR program will highlight Dequan Starnes’, aka Q-Starnes, talents and leadership as D4G Management Manager and Recording Artist.

Dequan is one of the most impactful hip-hop acts to come out of Monroe, NC. TransMedia will also increase exposure of Dequan’s hit song released last March titled You’re Enough, available on Apple Music and Spotify. This hit song encapsulates Dequan’s personal journey and raises mental health awareness.

At the early age of 5, Dequan was handed a microphone by his grandmother and never looked back. By the time he hit high school he was making a name for himself around town as a lyricist and quickly after gained recognition.

TransMedia said it will also work to elevate the standings and media awareness of Starnes’ artistic clients, which includes young R&B Group NX2, Inspirational Speaker & Author Jamil Massey, and Motivational Speaker/Author/Philanthropist James Robinson.

“We are more than grateful to retain TransMedia Group as our PR firm for future projects and look forward to working with the TMG team to achieve great things and further our stories,” said Dequan Starnes, Recording Artist and Manager of D4G Management.

TransMedia plans to arrange speaking opportunities, press interviews, TV appearances and conferences for Dequan Starnes and his D4G Management team and clients. TransMedia will send out media pitches and news releases about D4G Management’s mission to support rising artists in the music, writing/publishing, and personal development industries.

“Dequan is a highly talented and impactful individual whom we’re looking forward to working with as we make media even more aware of his message and his present and future works,” said TransMedia Group President Adrienne Mazzone.

For more information on D4G Management, visit

TransMedia Group has over the years represented many top artists in the entertainment industry as its founder and CEO Tom Madden was the #2-ranked executive at NBC and before that he promoted the hit shows at the ABC television network in New York.

Media contact: Karla Hernandez, [email protected], 561-750-9800.

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