Touch ‘n Go to explain new Visa card to govt: Salahuddin

Touch ‘n Go to explain new Visa card to govt: Salahuddin

Its launch has drawn ire as netizens question its usefulness

KUALA LUMPUR – Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Minister Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub has summoned Touch ‘n Go representatives to clarify issues surrounding the CIMB subsidiary’s newly launched Visa prepaid card.

Salahuddin said the ministry’s enforcement division will be holding a meeting with Touch ‘n Go representatives tomorrow, during which the latter is expected to address complaints from the public regarding the card.

“I have received many complaints about the issue and have informed our enforcement division to look into the matter seriously.

“The division will call Touch’n Go representatives to attend a meeting tomorrow and provide an explanation to the ministry,” the Pulai MP said in a Twitter post today.

On Wednesday, the company introduced its new Visa card, which has the functions of a debit card, but cannot be used to pay for highway tolls or public transport.

The company had asserted that the NFC chip for payWave and Touch ‘n Go technology is incompatible, a problem which was discovered during the card’s early development phase.

The card’s reveal had subsequently drawn the ire of netizens, who expressed confusion over the reasons behind the new card, which will have an annual fee of RM8 and an RM1.40 charge for every ATM transaction.

Twitter user @f15teen15 commented that he “does not understand the point” of the new card, while another user, @mohdaliadeel questioned why users would opt for the card when cashless payment can be made with no annual fees through other means.

source – The Vibes

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