Top Gun: Maverick’s domestic US box office goes supersonic past Titanic

Top Gun: Maverick’s domestic US box office goes supersonic past Titanic

While the Tom Cruise starring action film continues to rise, Titanic’s international box office of US$2.2 billion will likely be untouched

TOP Gun: Maverick, the biggest box office hit of the year and of the pandemic era, continues its ascent up the all-time charts as it makes a flyby over the watery grave of the SS Titanic, reaching US$662 million (RM2.95 billion) in ticket sales in the US box office.

Titanic, one of the most successful stories of all times, earned an unheard of US$600.7 million during its original 1997 run, as well as generating US$659 million in various re-releases. It also launched the movie star careers of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

While there are not many connections between the movies thematically, they both share a similar staying power. In an age where box office is defined by massive opening weekends that quickly taper off, these two stuck around the charts, plugging away as people keep returning to cinemas for the big screen experience.

For movie studio Paramount, which has been around for 110 years, Top Gun: Maverick has beaten Titanic as the studio’s biggest film in its history. It’s a slightly different story outside the US, where the disaster/love story made US$1.5 billion for a global total of US$2.2 billion.

Perhaps surprisingly (or not), for a movie that celebrates the US military, Top Gun: Maverick’s international box office is now US$690 million, and this is without major film markets like China and Russia. Maverick’s global total is now US$1.352 billion, making it the 13th-highest grossing movie globally.

It is now catching up with Marvel’s epic Avengers: Infinity War, which is currently the sixth-highest grossing domestic release ever at US$678 million.

The top five most successful domestic US releases are Black Panther with US$700 million, Avatar with US$760 million, Spider-Man: No Way Home at US$804 million, Avengers: Endgame at US$853 million and Star Wars: The Force Awakens at US$936 million.

Much of Maverick’s success – which would be surprising even in pre Covid times – can be attributed to the very positive word of mouth with many audience members returning to see the movie on the biggest screens. It is also a feel good story with likeable characters doing exciting things, with the realistic flying scenes being a standout for many.

This is also Tom Cruise’s most successful movie, in a career that has spanned about 40 years, dotted with many hits and collaborations with some of the greatest actors and directors in history, that’s really saying something.

Maverick is his first movie to make US$100 million in a single weekend, as well as the first to reach US$1 billion at the worldwide box office. It stayed in the top five for ten weeks, which is also a rare feat.

Cruise’s next film is the highly anticipated Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, the seventh instalment in the popular franchise, due in July 2023. Will that film be able to reach Top Gun: Maverick’s stratospheric success?

source – The Vibes

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