Tony Fernandes’ celebrate his daughter Aliyah’s one year old birthday , following Korean customs

Tony Fernandes’ celebrate his daughter Aliyah’s one year old birthday , following Korean customs

The CHILD of Air Asia CEO Tony Fernandes, namely baby Aliyah Ena Fernandes, has turned one year old on August 20.

Baby Aliyah’s birthday is celebrated in a simple manner according to Korean customs by wearing the traditional Korean dress of Hanbok.

Not only baby Aliyah wears Hanbok, but the whole family also wears Hanbok with soft shades.

Tony Fernandes also left his words for his second daughter.

“Happy birthday to my super cute smart daughter Aliyah. Here’s to a great life ahead for you .”

With a white and pink theme on her birthday, baby Aliyah was also presented with a special custom, the Doljanchi activity. In the tray there are various objects such as a ball, microphone, judge’s gavel and several other objects that symbolize the career to be chosen.

In Korea, the first birthday of a newborn is considered a very important event with significant meaning. Koreans refer to it as Doljanchi .

In addition to singing ‘happy birthday’ and blowing out candles, there is also a special custom during the Doljanchi festival where they use objects to predict the child’s future, called Doljabi (돌잡이).

Just like the meaning of the word, during the doljabi activity , children will choose one or two objects among various options that each represent a different meaning. The object they choose first or second is believed to ‘probably’ represent their future career.

Looking at a photo from Tony’s Instagram post, baby Aliyah picks up the microphone while staring intently at her father.

Average try to guess the career chosen by baby Aliyah in the comment section. There are also those who are interested in seeing the cuteness of baby Aliyah.

Tony Fernandes married Chloe Kim from South Korea in October 2017 and was blessed with a daughter, Aliyah Enan Fernandes (1 year old). For the record, Tony’s previous marriage was blessed with two children.

source – Pa and Ma

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