“Today” – (Songs From The Great American Song Book Vol 2) To Reshape Yesterday’s Music to Today

“Today” – (Songs From The Great American Song Book Vol 2) To Reshape Yesterday’s Music to Today

NEW YORK, Aug. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On September 11th, 2022, an album almost 4 years in the making, James A. Norkawich’s Sophomore album (part 2 of 2 in a series) from the great American songbook is scheduled to be released. The album “Today”, a follow up to his first album “Yesterday – Songs from the Great American Songbook, showcases music from the 40’s to present. His new album features songs from different styles, including original material never heard before. A special composition, “The Things You Are – Peter’s Song”, pays homage to his cousin who remains a major inspiration in James’ career. The album “Today” takes the listener through a more colorful, introspective look into the many styles that have been James’ influence. “It is quite colorful in terms of the direction the album takes you. It brings the listener from a musical story to a canvas that the ear can translate” “Yesterday” is a collaboration of music that made this country great. “Today” answers that call and shows the music of the 50’s to today, where its roots lie and I suppose where we are going.”

James’ hope for this album, for the younger generation, is to open their minds and explore how music in the different genres was created, how it impacts us today and why it is considered so immortal and pivotal to one’s palette. “Music has become stale”, James said in a recent interview, “and we need to re-examine what makes us happy, sad, what got us through the good times and the bad. Music is now trending to more classic and revised sounds since the pandemic. People are examining music on all sorts of media platforms, and they are now listening to music they never listened to before. From a heavy blues lick on the guitar or to lyrics to a song they loved but never really knew what the song was about, to a new spin on an old classic, James said what is old is new again and that is what the album “Today” is all about.”

Yesterday can be found on all streaming media, and today will also be available on Sept 11, 2022

The Debut for the video The Things You Are will be available on YouTube on Sept 11,2022, 2PM EST as well.

This September 11 remembers those who lost their lives for our country and remember the sacrifices made by those who served as well.

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SOURCE – James A. Norkawich


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