Toc Tien and Touliver Go Against Vietnamese Music Trend, Releasing the MV “Mot cong toc mai”

Toc Tien and Touliver Go Against Vietnamese Music Trend, Releasing the MV “Mot cong toc mai”

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, June 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Toc Tien, Touliver and Mew Amazing – three talented artists of Vietnamese music industry – collaborated in the product “Mot cong toc mai” (“A sideburn”), released on the evening of June 30.

The song “Mot cong toc mai” marks the first collaboration between Toc Tien and Touliver after their marriage. This is a Dance song, based on their strength, when Toc Tien shows off her voice on a vibrant music backgr ound. And Touliver brought out the best of him in the color of electronic music and showed his distinctive features in the way he placed the bassline and electric guitar sound.

Two distinctive personalities of the Vietnamese music market have joined forces to create a different music product. In the context that the majority of Vietnamese audiences still love Ballad songs and Pop Ballad songs, Toc Tien and Touliver have reversed their tastes, accepting trade-offs to fully express their musical personality, thereby merging with the modern flow of the music world.

The difference of “Mot cong toc mai” also comes from Mew Amazing – who wrote the lyrics and melody for the song. Mew Amazing’s songs always show her innovative thinking, subtly insert satirical elements, reflecting society. With “Mot cong toc mai”, Mew Amazing conveys the message that girls must have the courage to overcome the pain after a breakup.

That is reflected in the sentences: “Since you left forever / Made me a failure / The sadness in me is only as long as a sideburn / I hope you look back once / Behind you, the people who stayed / Me and your ex / Your ex and the girl before her / Ain’t nobody cry”.

MV “Mot cong toc mai” has the presence of Chau Bui – a popular fashionista of Vietnamese youth. Kien Ung – a member of SpaceSpeakers – plays the role of MV director. MV “Mot cong toc mai” is a spectacular set of scenes, continuously changing scenes to follow the speed of the song.

The beginning of the MV is the torment and suffering of Toc Tien when being betrayed by the person she loves. After that, the guy constantly “flirts” with the next girls, in front of Toc Tien. In the end, the four girls get together and teach the guy a lesson about the betrayal in love. The MV ends with a scene where the girls are dressed elegantly, with heavenly charisma when they do not belong to any man.

Toc Tien appeared in the MV in many different images. There is a scene where Toc Tien “shows off” her body and curves. The female singer also performed choreography on the vibrant music background of the MV.

The MV shows the audience what is the strongest and most characteristic of Toc Tien. Previously, the female singer collaborated with Touliver to create the product “Tomorrow” that left a special impression on Vietnamese audiences. Toc Tien has tried all genres from Ballad, Pop Ballad, to Pop and all succeeded.

Toc Tien is a popular female singer of Vietnamese music with nearly 20 years of experience. She had a breakthrough with the domestic audience from the gameshow The Remix in 2015. Over the years, Toc Tien affirmed the position of the top female singer, through many hits that attracted tens of millions of views. Toc Tien also sat as a coach at The Voice Vietnam in 2018 and impressed with her professional ability.

Meanwhile, Touliver is the leader of SpaceSpeakers – the most popular music organization in Vietnam today. He is a pioneer DJ/Producer in bringing electronic music to the Vietnamese market. Apart from Toc Tien, Touliver showed a special influence with the success of many Vietnamese singers, including JustaTee, Binz and SOOBIN.

The combination of the duo Toc Tien and Touliver is always a breakthrough, which is supported by the Vietnamese music lovers. Besides, the fact that they both built a family together in early 2020 also made the public especially interested, becoming the most influential Vietnamese married celebrity couple in the market. Now, Toc Tien and Touliver are in the leading position in the Vietnamese music industry, and the quality and difference of “Mot cong toc mai” have proved it even more.

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