Titih Pusaka Seni Aswara 2022 focuses on aspects of art, culture and heritage

Titih Pusaka Seni Aswara 2022 focuses on aspects of art, culture and heritage

KUALA LUMPUR: For the first time, the elements of education, tourism, entertainment and economic generation based on art, culture and national heritage are combined in one platform through the organization of the 2022 Equestrian Art Heritage.

The program organized by the National Academy of Cultural Arts and Heritage (Aswara) which lasted two days starting Saturday at Taman Tasik Metropolitan, Kepong, here is in line with the goal of organizing the program which is to promote and bring cultural arts to the local community more closely.

The program was officiated by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) Datuk Saraya Arbi and was also attended by Deputy Rector of Academic Affairs Aswara Associate Prof Dr Khairul Azril Ismail.

Saraya in her opening speech tonight said MOTAC supports the wishes and efforts of Aswara in organizing the Aswara Art Heritage Program 2022 with the objective of promoting and commercializing the diversity of Malaysian arts and culture and heritage as a whole.

“Indeed, I am pleased with Aswara’s current status, which is capable of becoming the foremost art study center in Malaysia in the context of art, culture and heritage, and even stands tall as an agency promoting ‘Edutainment and Edutourism’ (Tourism-Based Entertainment and Education) in Malaysia.

“Indeed, Aswara’s ability to give birth to and build the masters and heirs of the art field in Malaysia has a great impact towards uplifting the art, culture and heritage of our country to be more brilliantly skilled,” she said.

She said the effort was also born through art education which became a benchmark in producing the future generation that appreciates the country’s artistic heritage with awareness of knowledge as its main core.

The Aswara Art Heritage Program 2022 is also a platform for entrepreneurs in the creative arts industry to generate the economy.

In addition, a variety of interesting and interactive activities are featured including art exhibitions, art demonstrations, learning from adiguru, sales of art products as well as performances by famous local artist Datuk Jamal Abdillah and the Floor 88 group.

The public also has the opportunity to learn directly about knowledge sharing sessions with certified and great adigurus in their respective fields such as wayang kulit, makyung and so on.

Aswara hopes that the organization of the program will be the best mechanism in empowering and preserving the heritage of art and culture so that it is not swallowed up by time, thus forming a young generation that is bright in appreciating the richness of the art heritage of the nation.


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