Times Square gun-free zone

Times Square gun-free zone

NEW YORK: New York City Mayor Eric Adams signed a bill to ban guns from being carried in Times Square.

This aims to make the area a weapon-free zone.

“Today I signed two bills that will reduce the flow of illegal guns in New York City and declare Times Square a sensitive zone.

“This is a very significant decision. We receive millions of tourists here. This is a city center and you don’t want a city that contains individuals carrying illegal weapons,” he said.

However, Adam’s announcement in Times Square was only seen as symbolic.

The Chief Justice of New York last Thursday blocked the implementation of part of the Gun Act, which was supposed to take effect on September 1.

This is to allow the advocacy group, Gun Owners of America to continue the lawsuit to challenge the act.

What happened in New York will now become a model for other states that are also facing the issue of gun violence.

source – Astro Awani


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