TikTok sets new rules to curb ‘harmful’ info spread by govts, political entities

TikTok sets new rules to curb ‘harmful’ info spread by govts, political entities

Social media platform to ban politicians, parties from access to monetisation features, among other moves

KUALA LUMPUR – Social media platform TikTok has announced several new prohibitions for government, politician, and political party accounts (GPPPAs) to keep “harmful misinformation” off the app.

In a statement today, the company said that the move is in-line with its aims to develop policies that foster and promote a positive environment, which would be able to unite people.

“TikTok currently works to keep harmful misinformation off the platform, prohibits political advertising, and shares authoritative information about elections,” it said.

One of the rules will see GPPPAs being banned from accessing monetisation features such as gifting, tipping, and e-commerce besides being ineligible for the platform’s creator fund.

“These changes, along with TikTok’s existing ban on political advertising, mean that accounts belonging to governments, politicians, and political parties will largely not be able to give or receive money through (the app’s) monetisation features, or spend money promoting their content,” it said.

Additionally, accounts associated with politicians and political parties will automatically have their access to advertising features turned off.

However, government organisations can advertise in limited circumstances – such as to support public health and safety and access to information – while working with a TikTok representative.

Besides that, TikTok said that it will soon be disallowing solicitation for campaign fundraising, including videos of politicians asking for donations or political parties directing people to donation pages on separate websites.

“By prohibiting political fundraising and limiting access to our monetisation features, TikTok enables people to discuss issues that are relevant to their lives while protecting the creative, entertaining platform that our community wants.”

source – The Vibes


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