‘Tickets are sold out in just 15 minute!’ – Awie was shocked

‘Tickets are sold out in just 15 minute!’ – Awie was shocked

‘Tickets are sold out in just 15 minute!’ – Awie was shocked, ticket for Wings concert at DFP concert sold out.

VOCALIST of the country’s famous rock group, Wings, Datuk Awie expressed his gratitude and surprise after finding out that the tickets for “Fabulous Friday Concert: Wings At DFP” were sold out in just 15 minutes!

Concert tickets through the Fabulous Friday music event slot at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall (DFP) which was sold at 10am this morning were officially sold out around 10.15am this morning.

“Thank you, Alhamdulillah.

“In just 15 minutes the tickets were sold out ,” said Awie excitedly.

Awie also admitted that he was shocked by the fast ticket sales, thus describing it as a benchmark of the local music atmosphere and the organization of the event has returned to a warm response after the pandemic hit the world.

“This is a healthy thing and the rise of the music arena. We will try to do something more interesting during the concert later, ”said Awie.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive Officer of Shiraz Projects Sdn Bhd, Shirazdeen Karim admitted that he expected Wings tickets to be sold out.

“Honestly, I really expect that the tickets will be sold out seeing the support and enthusiasm of the country’s music fans for the local concerts now.

“But I don’t think it will sell out in just 15 minutes and this is a sign that the music industry is growing healthily.

“We are also aware that the support of the Wings has always been strong for their beloved group, Wings,” said Shiraz who also admitted that he was lucky to be able to work with the legendary group.

At the same time, a surprise that is expected to be the second night of the concert will be announced later.

Brought to you in the Fabulous Friday list series brought by Shiraz Projects Sdn Bhd, Wings will meet the fans on 15 July 2022, Friday at 8.30 pm.

Fabulous Friday is a music event organized by Shiraz at the Petronas Philharmonic Hall, Kuala Lumpur and Wings is the opening artist of this event which is scheduled to take place every month with a selection of local and foreign celebrities.

source – Gempak


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