Thomastik-Infeld Launch DOMINANT PRO Strings For Viola & Cello

Thomastik-Infeld Launch DOMINANT PRO Strings For Viola & Cello

Thomastik-Infeld have announced the launch of their DOMINANT PRO string series for viola and cello.

Following the release of DOMINANT PRO for violin in February 2021, the Vienna-based string brand have now extended the popular series to violists and cellists with their range of 4/4 sized DOMINANT PRO sets and single strings.

Developed to expand upon the possibilities of existing Thomastik DOMINANT strings, the PRO range is not aimed to change the basic character of DOMINANT, but rather to offer an additional, contemporary repertoire of strings. These strings are ideally suited for chamber musicians, soloists, and orchestra musicians alike. Players can expect an exciting array of characteristics.


A dark and warm sound that embraces the player and the audience. The superimposed slight sharpness brings a tingling contrast to the sound image.
Despite the wide range of tonal colours, they create a smooth transition that ideally combines the specific timbres of the individual strings.
Thanks to their vast dynamic range, these viola strings are suitable for orchestral musicians as well as soloists. They handle the entire range of dynamics, from piano (p) to fortississimo (fff), and the use of high bow pressure.
This makes them assert themselves optimally in large orchestras or in a quartet if required, but are also easy to play in piano (p).


Inspiration redefined: Inspired by the sound of a tube amplifier and using the playing possibilities created by an innovative metal core, these redefine past tonal ideals. The set has an airy, light sound character with pronounced, brilliant overtones and a pleasantly warm basic timbre with plenty of texture.
The highest modulation capacity of timbres and sound structure: Depending on the playing style, the sound of the strings can be formed with incredible brilliance or to be warm, round and saturated. The sound structure can be wonderfully modulated from fine-grained to coarse-grained.
The dynamic range extends from an airy and delicate pianissimo (pp) to a rich fortissimo (ff).
Faster than ever these are the fastest and most direct response within the Thomastik-Infeld cello string repertoire. Especially at high bow speed, the strings develop their supporting resonance.
Structure: Rich colours and an especially structured sound!
Alongside established strings for violin, DOMINANT PRO viola and cello string sets and single strings are available to order now in the UK & Ireland exclusively from Barnes & Mullins. Retail prices for DOMINANT PRO sets: Violin (DP100) £90.35, Viola (DP200) £120.00, Cello (DP400) £207.00. / [email protected] / 01691 652449

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