This week’s TikTok beauty trend: embrace the chill with ‘I’m Cold’ makeup

This week’s TikTok beauty trend: embrace the chill with ‘I’m Cold’ makeup

Simply create an icy beauty look, as if you were in the heart of the deepest Lapland

MAKE yourself look cold through the power of makeup. Such is the latest obsession of TikTok users, who are going crazy for so-called ‘I’m Cold’ makeup, a trend that’s big on flawless skin.

Here’s what you need to know about the craze that’s already going viral on the Chinese social network.

Anna, Elsa and maybe even Olaf should watch their backs. Their icy, fairy-tale beauty has been appropriated by TikTok users – and that’s an understatement.

The ‘I’m Cold’ makeup trend – which for once bears its name well – is going down a storm on the Chinese social network in the run-up to winter and the end-of-year holidays.

The idea is simply to create an icy look, as if you were in the heart of the deepest Lapland. This involves a subtly pink nose and cheekbones, with a touch of the glamour and fantasy that distinguishes the iconic Disney characters.

A seasonal makeup trend

To try to visualise what ‘I’m Cold’ makeup might look like, just imagine yourself in the snow, in the middle of winter, wrapped up in a long coat or puffer jacket, with a hat or earmuffs on your head.

Your nose is red, your cheeks are flushed, you can’t feel your facial extremities, and your skin feels more or less frozen. Well, that’s exactly the effect you’re seeking to recreate with this beauty makeover that’s got TikTok in a spin.

The hashtags #imcoldmakeup and #coldmakeup have already scored 60 million and 38 million views, respectively, on the social network, and all in the space of a few days.

This seasonal makeup trend focuses on highlighting a natural-looking complexion, with details evoking a day spent on the slopes in freezing weather.

The whole thing relies heavily on one beauty essential – blush – which has become a must-have on TikTok these last few months.

A primer and a matte foundation are necessary to create the effect of a perfectly flawless complexion, as if frozen in place by the cold. To that should be added a good dose of blush, cream blush if possible, applied to the cheekbones and the tip of the nose.

For the final touch, the countless videos posted on TikTok suggest using a gloss – whether pink or transparent – on the lips, and an eye shadow or an eyeliner with a frosted or subtly shimmery effect to illuminate the eyes.

Apply to the eyelid and the inner corner of the eye for an even brighter effect. And you don’t need much more than that to channel the iconic characters of ‘Frozen’.

Note that this trend is effectively a winter version of ‘douyin blush,’ which just a few months ago had TikTok users replicating the effect of sunburn.

source – ETX Daily Up

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