This TikTok tip aims to help you keep your resolutions for 2023

This TikTok tip aims to help you keep your resolutions for 2023

User says she has developed a method called ’Create Your Year‘ to make effective and lasting commitments

EVERY year it’s the same old story.

As the new year approaches, many people want to make a fresh start and introduce long-lasting changes in their daily routines. But while it’s easy to make good resolutions, it’s not so easy to stick to them.

The numbers speak for themselves. A 2020 survey from Quicken, maker of financial software, indicated that 62% of Americans give up on their resolutions by the sixth week, while 82% do by the end of the first yearly quarter.

One reason that it can be so challenging to maintain our commitments comes down to a lack of realism beforehand.

For instance, it can be difficult to stop smoking overnight if you’re a heavy smoker. Or to totally give up animal protein if your diet currently revolves around meat.

Lack of organisation can also prevent us from implementing new habits, as can a lack of support from those around us. As a result, resolutions become a source of pressure and even guilt.

The temptation to abandon them and not change anything in our routine thus becomes overwhelming.

However, according to a popular TikTok post, it can be possible to set achievable resolutions and stick to them. TikToker @nikidetrich posts about her firsthand experience doing so.

In a video that has been viewed nearly two million times, she explains that she has developed a method called “Create Your Year” to make effective and lasting commitments. It involves focusing on monthly resolutions rather than annual ones.

“You come up with a new goal for every single month, and at the end, you put it all together,” says Niki Detrich.

For example, you can choose to dedicate the month of January to gradually reducing your alcohol consumption, in accordance with the famous ‘Dry or Damp January.’ You can then focus on another goal in February, without forgetting your previous commitment.

“In theory, if you do something for an entire month, it’s naturally going to stick with you throughout the rest of the year,” says Niki Detrich in another video.

In practice, it often takes much longer than 30 days to incorporate a new habit into your routine. Researchers at University College London estimated in 2009 that it takes an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.

Despite this, it may be possible to start developing new habits every month of the year.

The key to success is to break down your resolutions into manageable goals and take the time to make them happen. Small, incremental changes are better than drastic behaviour, if you believe TikTok users who have tried the “Create Your Year” technique.

“Been doing this for years. So effective. I do smaller 3 goals each month that contribute to the categories of ‘health, wealth and happiness,’: says one commenter. Another one testifies “done this before!! really fun & makes it easier to restart if you slack.”

Whatever your goals for 2023, remember to make allowances for being human and put any slip-ups into perspective.

source – ETX Daily Up

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