‘This song was done before my son was born’ – Azmi Saat I miss my jewel

‘This song was done before my son was born’ – Azmi Saat I miss my jewel

EVER going through an episode of grief when losing a beloved child never breaks the spirit of singer Azmi Saat to rise from grief.

Even Azmi, who is also a member of the Caliph Busker group, performed solo with the song “Permataku” specially created by composer Ajai for his heavenly light.

“Actually, this song already existed before my son was born. Ajai and I discussed recording a song in conjunction with the birth of a new person at that time.

“When the child only had time to see the world for a moment, we discussed again about the lyrics and so on.

“From that discussion we slightly changed the end of this song as a ‘sign’ of loss.

“Anyway, this song is not just about losing a child. We can relate to any situation based on each other’s understanding,” explained Azmi.

Azmi’s baby boy who was born on September 27, 2021 only lasted three days and left forever, leaving a thousand and one sorrows for the husband and wife.

The child of heaven who was named Khairul Afnan was the light of the eyes that was awaited for 10 years.

Even so, Azmi is grateful for being able to go through all the processes of celebrating the birth of a child and experiencing the wonderful moment of becoming a father even for a moment.

He was also pleased when Ahmad Fedtri Yahya translated what he had felt and was going through through such beautiful lyrical verses.

“When I just listened to the lyrics for the first time, I was happy because it really was the content of my heart.

“There are no changes made because I believe this is the best.

“But when we started filming the music video (MV), the production side asked whether it was possible to relate the image of the child or not. I’m okay considering this is an original idea.

“Maybe they are worried that I will be sad and so on,” he said, hoping for a warm welcome from the fans.

Talking about the collaboration with Ajai, Azmi is grateful for being given a lot of guidance by the experienced composer throughout the recording process.

“This is my first collaboration with Ajai. Indeed, at the beginning I was trembling because many people thought he was fierce when he was a judge for most TV programs.

“But when we met, it was very different. He gave me a lot of new knowledge and taught me a lot of singing techniques and corrected what was lacking,” added Azmi.

Officially launched on July 22, “Permataku” is published by the Creative Arts Initiative (ISK) and distributed by Indigital Music.

This song is already on all digital platforms and the MV can be watched via YouTube channel Indigital Music from 3pm yesterday.

source – Gempak


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