This is Malaysia’s first NFT Hari Raya song!

This is Malaysia’s first NFT Hari Raya song!

KUALA LUMPUR: People say that it is not legal to celebrate if you do not buy new clothes.

But for composer and producer, Edrie Hashim, Aidilfitri this time should be celebrated more meaningfully through the exploration of new technologies!

“We have celebrated twice in the era of new norms, we still celebrate it with the same tradition.

“So, I have a Raya view this time to bring a difference by making the Raya song published by Neogendang in the form of NFT,” he said when met by Astro AWANI.

The publication of the NFT collection ‘Ini Lagu Hari Raya’ is a collaboration between Edrie Hashim and Kelab NFT Malaysia

NFT ‘Ini Lagu Hari Raya’ will be on the platform starting April 30.

For those of you who want to have it early, join the Malaysia NFT Club telegram now!

What is NFT?
NFT or Non Fungible Token is digital asset ownership data backed up through blockchain technology.

Its unique nature makes each asset that has been minted (mint) into the blockchain system irreplaceable with another.

So, each NFT asset will be equipped with owner information as well as other information such as price, time it was forged (mint) and others.

In a similar development, Kelab NFT Malaysia was established as one of the non -governmental organizations that works to bring together all industry players and content creators throughout the country.

The club has been registered with the Department of Registration of Societies with a commitment to increase the involvement of Malaysian children in the metaverse world.

How does NFT ‘Ini Lagu Hari Raya’ work?

NFT’s ‘Ini Lagu Hari Raya’ collection is not just a digital asset.

It comes with three utilities or advantages to the owner of the NFT.

Most importantly, every NFT owner will get exclusive access with Edrie Hashim in exploring the business in the field of music.

At the same time, for those of you who aspire to create songs or write lyrics, this is an opportunity to work with renowned Malaysian composers who have produced many great Malaysian works.

Why do you need to have it?

This is a historic moment for the Malaysian music industry, especially in the production of songs in conjunction with the Aidifitri celebration this year.

Never again, hymns are published in the form of NFT which gives the opportunity to fans, or collectors of digital assets in the form of NFT to own it in addition to receiving the benefits that have been announced by the artist.

source – Hilal Azmi

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