These unusual jobs could soon be quite common

These unusual jobs could soon be quite common

Metaverse therapist, derecruiter and baby name consultant… some of these jobs are already here

Hackers could work for administrations and companies to help them protect themselves from cyberattacks. – ETX Daily Up pic, January 24, 2023
ISABELLE Rouhan and Clara-Doïna Schmelck assert, in their book ‘Les métiers du futur’ (Future professions), that 85% of the professions that will be in vogue in 2030 don’t exist yet.

But some ‘jobs of the future’ are already here. We take a look at a selection of them.

Remote-work expert

These days employers who don’t allow employees, particularly office employees, any possibility of working remotely are rare.

That said, they often grapple with finding the right balance, between occasional use of remote work, “full remote” (100% teleworking) or even allowing teleworking from abroad.

Some companies choose to call on experts in the field to help them retain employees in looking for flexibility.

According to Bloomberg, some companies are seeking expert advice from professors who have written essays or books on the subject.

It will certainly be a while before calling upon such experts becomes a widespread practice, but there is no doubt that remote working is here to stay.

Therapist in the metaverse

According to the technology giants, we will soon be spending a large part of our time in the metaverse. This virtual universe will allow us to access a large range of services, particularly in the health sector.

Psychologists and psychoanalysts are anticipating this not-so-distant future by using virtual reality as a non-medical solution among other elements in their array of therapeutic approaches.

Some believe that these new technologies could even have beneficial therapeutic effects for their patients, both children and adults. Will cybertherapy soon be a reality?

Ethical hacker

Companies, communities, hospitals… no one is safe from a potential attack by cybercriminals who target computer systems. But hackers aren’t necessarily working illegally.

Some hackers could work for government agencies and businesses to help them protect themselves from cyberattacks.

And for good reason; cybercrime is expected to cost the world US$10.5 trillion annually by 2025, according to a 2020 projection by Cybersecurity Ventures.

It’s in the best interest of business leaders to surround themselves with IT specialists who can protect their critical data and find vulnerabilities in their security systems. Who better to do that than a hacker?


Disengaged or in search of meaning, an increasing number of employees are distancing themselves from their company.

While some HR departments are taking action to combat professional disengagement, there are also specialists positioning themselves in this promising market segment – by helping employees to leave their jobs.

With this in mind, American Danielle Baskin launched The Derecruiter in 2017. This platform allows anyone with doubts about their professional fulfillment to talk about it for free with a “derecruiter.” And a new form of coaching is born.

Manifestation expert

An increasing number of executives are drawn to the milieu of coaching, keen to transform their experience into expertise.

Some people who have turned to coaching now specialise in the power of “manifestation,” a personal development method that combines spirituality and positive psychology. They teach their clients to “manifest” their dreams and desires.

If this method is in no way based on scientific research, it is very popular on social networks. A phenomenon that pushes some consultants to explore this avenue.

Baby name consultant

It’s not always easy to pick the right name for a newborn. Should you be original or stick to the good old classics? Some parents choose to call on consultants to help them in their quest.

These consultants suggest different names according to various factors, such as the parents’ lifestyle, their origins or the place where they live.

While this new form of coaching may seen surprising, it could be one of growth given the lucrative market for all things related to babies.

source – ETX Daily Up

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