These are 5 message of the late Mamat Khalid before his departure

These are 5 message of the late Mamat Khalid before his departure

THE LOSS of the late Mamat Khalid must have been a great blow to all Malaysians, especially artists.

Now only his great works are the ‘cure’ of longing.

In addition, the memory and also the message may be a catalyst for enthusiasm for most young artists to continue to advance in the film industry.

Here are some of the moments and amulet messages of the late Mamat Khalid shared by celebrity friends.

#1 Awie

Rock singer Awie described the late as a good director, friend and brother to all the crew as well as a cheerful person despite looking fierce.
According to him, the late performer at a time when there were people who had problems at the filming location and at the same time taught the actors to be able to bring a better character.
“He brought me to remain as the character of Husin (Kampung Pisang). Until the end, the deceased called me with that character, ”he said.

#2 Bell Ngasri

Bell Ngasri, on the other hand, said that the loss of Mamat Khalid was a big surprise for the artist’s friends and the community as a whole who were interested in Allahyarham’s works.
“Actually, we will start filming the new sequel to Kampung Pisang, but I really didn’t expect the deceased to go first. God loves him more.
“A few weeks ago, we filmed a cooking show and in the show, I acted with the deceased when he was known as a director but for the show, I acted with him.
“That was my last experience with him, I was able to act with the late. The character of Barkoba (Film 18 Puasa di Kampong Pisang directed by Mamat Khalid), people like it, ”he said.

#3 Jue Aziz

he actor, Jue Aziz recalled his memories during the filming of a telefilm titled Semerah Darah under the direction of the late Mamat Khalid, before this.
According to Jue or her full name, Zuliana Abdul Aziz, the late Mamat was not stingy or calculated to share various knowledge with him.
Not only that, Jue also revealed that the director who is synonymous with the film Zombie Kampung Pisang is a person who likes to give support to others.
In fact, the 38 -year -old actor described the late Mamat as a cheerful person who likes to joke.

#4 Anak Arwah, Mohd Khalid Amen

According to Amen, he was grateful when the deceased to some extent taught and gave exposure to him in the field of filmmaking,
“InsyaAllah … I will continue what he is working on because that’s what he wants, that’s what he really wants me to continue.
“A few weeks before leaving, he asked me to help take care of mama and family.
“He also gave me a lot of opportunities to direct,” he said.

#5 The late wife

The wife of the famous director, the late Mamat Khalid, Hasmah Hassan shared the last moments of her husband’s journey to the Eternal State.
Hasmah admits that she still does not believe in the loss of Mamat, but it is one thing that widens her chest when the passing of the late is made easier.
“I still can’t believe the deceased is gone. It feels worse to see him come in and sit in the hospital for a long time than he died .
Hasmah said, even when Mamat’s life was divided in order to relinquish the responsibility of navigating the artwork, now, Amen is the most deserving individual.
“I hope my son Amen can continue the legacy left by the deceased.
“The project is in place until December … Please support Amen.
“Because Mamat feels he is not ready anymore, especially in terms of receiving hits and criticism from netizens. Amen will also continue the telefilm script of Kampong Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali which is supposed to start filming next week.

Meanwhile, the film Kampung Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali has now been made and is ready to be screened soon.
Kampung Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali has undergone filming for 10 days from 15 November around Teluk Senangin and Kuala Kangsar.
The manuscript became the last work written by the late Mamat two weeks before he breathed his last.
To be aired by Astro First, the film stars Aziz M Osman, Kazar Saisi, Bell Ngasri, Ahmad Yasin, Rashid Othman, Azman Naim, Datin Paduka Eina Azman and many more.
Recalling, the late Mamat Khalid or his real name, Mohamad Mohamad Khalid, 58, breathed his last while on his way to Slim River Hospital, Perak on October 24, at 12.30 midnight.
He leaves a widow, Hasmah Hassan and five children. Apart from Amen, the deceased and his wife were blessed with four other children, namely Mohd Khalid Zaffa, Nor Sara, Mohd Khalid Adam and Nur Hassanah.

source – Gempak

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