Theresa May’s appreciation of Queen Elizabeth II is full of laughter

Theresa May’s appreciation of Queen Elizabeth II is full of laughter

KUALA LUMPUR: The House of Commons of the United Kingdom (UK) on Friday held a special session to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II.
In some of the Members of Parliament who delivered the speech of honor, the story shared by the former Prime Minister, Theresa May touched the hearts of the delegates present.

The atmosphere was sad, and laughter suddenly broke out when the Maidenhead Member of Parliament told the story of his picnic with the Queen.

“Her Majesty the Queen is very fond of the country atmosphere, very humble and a woman of good sense.

“I remember a picnic at Balmoral, one of his estates. Hampers came from the palace, and we all went in to put food and drink on the table.

“I took some cheese, put it on a plate and moved it to the table. The cheese fell on the floor. I had a short time to make a decision,” she said to the laughter of those present.

May paused as MPs laughed, before adding: “I took the cheese, put it on a plate and put it on the table.

“I turned to look and found that my every move was being watched very carefully by the Queen.

“I looked at her. She looked at me and she just smiled. And the cheese stays on the table,” while several members of the House of Representatives laughed.

The former main leader of the Conservative Party when he started his speech described Queen Elizabeth II as the most extraordinary individual he had ever met.

In fact, May also shared the story of her weekly meeting with the Queen when she was Prime Minister.

“All over the world, for many people, meeting Queen Elizabeth is a special memory in their lives.

“Of course, for those of us who have the honor of serving as one of its Prime Ministers, the meeting is more frequent with weekly meetings.

“This is not a meeting with an extraordinary king, but a conversation with a woman of experience and knowledge and of great wisdom.

“In fact, there was a meeting I attended, where I knew it would not be disclosed to the media,” she explained.

This comment was also met with laughter from MPs, before May added: “What makes the meeting so special is the Queen’s understanding of the work issues she puts in her red box, combined with her years of experience,” she said.

source – Harits Asyraf Hasnan

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