The young and handsome man of choice DS Vida as the new PA

The young and handsome man of choice DS Vida as the new PA

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular cosmetics entrepreneur, Datuk Seri Vida continues to be in the public spotlight when introducing a new personal assistant (PA).

As promised, the founder of various beauty and health products offered a monthly salary of RM10,000 to Syed Qusyairy Syed Mahmud Iskandar who has already started his job.

Hailing from Selangor, the 26 -year -old, also known as Qush and Abang Qu, was hired after Vida was not helped for several months following a dispute with former PA, Iqbal Zulkefli.

“Certainly the salary is more than RM10,000. I need a PA from three or four months ago. If I’m looking for an old man who will be sleepy ‘ngak ngak’, I need positive energy,” said Vida.

Previously, Vida had informed that he received many applications to work as an assistant after announcing it on social media accounts around last December.

“Bismillah, my new PA (Abang Qu). Make a new one follow me, I’ve been looking for a PA to help me for a long time. Many have sent resumes. MasyaAllah… all great great.

“My new PA is @abgqu1 a little shy. I’m the Happy sokmo type haha. I don’t know what to do later. Pray for him, may his entry bring blessings.

“Sustenance is all God’s secrets, not too soon or too late. How does he know that the positive comments in this post can be Sustenance (Gift) from me? Tiber haha. InsyaAllah pray that my QuPuteh business benefits everyone.

“To my new PA, Abang Qu, good work, loved by the QuPuteh team. Keep up the passion for equally we benefit all. Aaminn, “he said.

Said Abang Qu or popularly known as Qush on social media, he hopes that his journey in his new career will be made easier.

Many DMs ask Qush; is it true? Is it true “tu Qush” ?. Qush smiled and nodded his head slightly as a sign, yes that’s Qush.

“Sustenance is not just ringgit money, sustenance is present in various situations. Surrounded by good people, there is a sustenance, there is a good job as well as a sustenance.

“Qush did not ask for much, pray that this journey is blessed and enjoyed by all,” he said.

-Astro Awani

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