The World’s Largest Color Water Theme Festival Arrives in Brazil This Summer

The World’s Largest Color Water Theme Festival Arrives in Brazil This Summer

SAO PAULO , Nov. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — After two years on pause due to the pandemic, one of the biggest festivals in the world returns to the stage with a renewed brand and production and with much more fun guaranteed.

Water jets, colored powder, slime, DJ`s, stages and themed toys and much more promise to rock Rio de Janeiro on the 22nd of January and São Paulo on the 29th of January.

Entitled ” The Coachella festival of the Z generation”, the festival arrives in Brazil with a slogan adapted for the national market, promising to be consecrated as ” The Rock in Rio of the Z generation”, and like RIR, the festival promises to be a complete experience for all guests.

The Waterblast Festival is the merging of two of the world’s biggest festivals into one .

Inspired by the “Songktran” water festival , which takes place every year in Thailand to celebrate the new year, when Thai people gather in the streets to play water fights with plastic guns ; and at the ” Holi ” Festival , which takes place every year in India to celebrate the beginning of spring, where Indians gather at the event and throw the ” gulal”, colored powder in the air as an act of joy and renewal .

Waterblast offers the best of both festivals, plus unique activities and attractions.

In addition to water jets and colored powder explosions every 30 minutes with a countdown on the stage screens, the festival will also feature a light show and fireworks at dusk, water fight with plastic guns , water toys such as tobogganing and soap pools , in addition to the exclusive after-party in the cabins after the end of the presentation of the last DJ on the main stage.

Every 30 minutes , the ” WATERBLAST ‘S ” happens – the high point of the party, – with the explosion of colors and water, when everyone throws the colored powder in the air, and jets of water are launched from the stage, filling the environment with water, color and magic, creating a unique and memorable moment at the music festival .

Over 15,000 people are expected each day of the festival.

The pre – sale of tickets starts on November 21st on the event’s official website. Tickets range from R$80 (Runway) to R $3000 (Cabanas).

In addition to tickets, the public can purchase personalized accessories and exclusive products such as GULAL (colored powder ) , water guns , abadas , among others, directly from the online store on the event’s official website.

The lineup will have more than 15 djs, among them , some of the biggest current names in Brazil. In addition to the djs , the event will also feature an exclusive team of digital influencers called “The Blast Squad” who will participate in marketing actions before and during the event .

The complete lineup will be released from the opening of the first batch of sales .

Both the water and the GULAL ( colored powder) and the slime do not contain toxic ingredients and are not harmful to health , in addition to not staining clothes. However, we recommend wearing white clothes, preferably the personalized abadá of the event, sold in the online store, and protecting your eyes with sunglasses or clear glasses, also sold in the online store.

For more information , visit the festival’s official website:

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