The vocalist of the Saujana band, Dr Idzu Baharin is back with Ku Serah! Spread a positive message

The vocalist of the Saujana band, Dr Idzu Baharin is back with Ku Serah! Spread a positive message

25 years ago he once created a phenomenon through the song Sepohon Kayu with the popular nasyid group Saujana.
In fact, this song is still whistled to this day. Because of the song as well, he managed to gather his own fans.

However, after 10 years or more precisely in 2006, Idzu or real name Khairul Idzwan Baharin decided to ‘take a break’ from the country’s music industry and focus on a new career as a medical doctor in a hospital.

Now, Dr Idzu Baharin, 41, is back with the single Ku Serah he created with Ahmad Jeffny which is also a divine concept song with a little R&B element. This song is produced by Kharisma Music.

IDZU Baharin is back with the single Ku Serah created with Ahmad Jeffny

According to Idzu Baharin, his interest and love for the field of singing has never faded.

In fact, the career that once raised his name is seen to be still relevant as the business empire is built, Cell Tissue Technology Sdn Bhd.

“If you want to say that quietly, I’m more focused on starting a career in medicine.

“After a few years, I entered the field of research and manufacturing. You can say I was busy with work until I entered the business.

“The interest in singing is still there, it’s just not as active as it used to be. But now since I have been active in business, that time is there. So I can be active again in the world of singing.

“There are still people who remember and ask when they want to release new singles and albums and when they want to make a comeback. For me this is a serious hobby as well. It is not a main career but a serious hobby and I like to do it.

“These things can happen simultaneously. Because of that I came out with the latest single after 16 years. It is a divine song but there is no ‘hardcore’ nasyid. More relaxed and still pop with a little R&B element. Only it is not nasyid.

“Even before this I have released several singles as well. There’s just no company behind me. It’s more about just having fun in such a busy phase at that time.

“Now I have my own management and Universal Music Malaysia has also taken over the distribution rights. I have also had a production with Kharisma Music that takes care of the musical and production. Hopefully it will be more organized after this,” he said.

According to Idzu Baharin, his return to being active is not just to pursue fame, but to share his work with fans who are loyal to him and Saujana, including the new generation who are starting to get to know them.

“My age is over 40 years. So, no longer for fame but more to share my work and meet new fans who know me through social media. At that time they may not have been born or were still small. So they don’t know me very well.

“When I appear on social media they are interested in getting to know me better. The songs are still popular and they were taught our songs at school.

“They feel close but not sure who the other person is. This is a new group of enthusiasts that I started to get to know since I was active in social media.

“It can be said, the reason for the appearance is actually more to cure longing. I miss singing. I am also still active with Saujana and we have just finished recording the Sepohon Kayu music video (remake). It is in conjunction with our 25th anniversary,” he said.

Bring on memories

Sharing more about the song Ku Serah, Idzu Baharin said the production of the song was more about inviting fans to recall his journey as an artist when he started with Saujana.

“This song is actually just ‘ad-hoc’. Coincidentally, I just celebrated my birthday, I feel like I’m more mature now.

“That maturity makes me feel like I want to solve some things. When you get older, of course the feeling is more about wanting to improve yourself.

“I would rather give motivation to the listeners. I insert a positive message from this ‘love’. But love is also universal not only between men and women but between us and our ideals or lives.

“The Ku Serah song this time is more for long-time followers who have known me since I first came out with Saujana.

“They miss something new but don’t want it to run away from my old self. I think this divine genre is suitable for them to recall old memories because many people come back to me and say they grew up with Saujana’s songs. My voice is quite significant for their childhood memories.

“For the upcoming single, this genre is more or less the same. It is not ‘hardcore’ of nasyid but songs with positive elements, motivation, inspiration, spirituality and divinity.

“That will be a guide for the future. I am really interested in being active again but not as a singer, rather as a singer and songwriter who expresses positive concepts,” he said.

IDZU does not see controversy and gimmicks as something negative

Controversy is not negative

Asked about the controversial approach and gimmicks used by a few singers or entrepreneurs simply to introduce their work, Idzu Baharin does not see it as something negative.

“Some celebrities, influencers and so on choose a short cut to do ‘viral marketing’ to promote themselves and their products that way.

“I think that’s one of the evolutions of the way people now do things. In the past, we didn’t have anything like that, we only had standard ones from the media.

“I don’t see that as a negative thing, it’s just a way of understanding people that sometimes we have to be good at controlling.

“As long as he doesn’t go too far and violate our boundaries in terms of religion, race or politics, I think it’s good. As long as you don’t rant and touch the sensitivity of the community. I think as long as things are still under control I accept viral ideas.

“Even if there is a situation that suddenly causes me to get sick, I just relax. Because we are taught to be prepared in all situations.

“I don’t see it as a negative thing, it’s an art in business and you have to always be open minded to it. We have to look at it from a positive point of view,” he said.

source – wilayahku

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