The trend of vacationing abroad is expected, domestic visitors to Perak are satisfactory

The trend of vacationing abroad is expected, domestic visitors to Perak are satisfactory

TAIPING: The number of visitors to the state of Perak is still at a satisfactory level, although the current trend shows that people tend to choose Thailand as a holiday destination.

The chairman of the state Housing, Local Government and Tourism Committee, Datuk Nolee Ashilin Mohammed Radzi admitted that the situation was expected after the border reopened on April 1.

This is because, he said, before COVID-19 hit, Malaysians tended to go on holiday abroad but now it has decreased somewhat due to economic factors and the epidemic that has not yet ended.

However, she is confident that Perak is still the state of choice for a holiday location, especially for domestic visitors.

“I think the effect (the trend of vacationing to Thailand) is felt by all states, because the borders have been reopened.

“Perhaps many Malaysians choose to go abroad, so we have already expected this to happen after the pandemic.

“But we found that the arrival of visitors here (Perak) is still good, and hopefully this trend will not decrease next year, when the border is widely opened.

“Perak can attract visitors for short vacations at the weekend for example, many people come here,” she said.

Nolee Ashilin said this at a press conference to comment on the recent trend of Malaysians vacationing in Thailand.

She was met by reporters after officiating the Dinner and Prize Presentation Ceremony in conjunction with the Taiping Global Festival and Lion Dance Competition 2022, here last night.

Also present were the Chief Executive Officer of Perak Tourism, Nurmalis Musa and the Chairman of Global Taiping Festival, Raja Omar Ikram Raja Abdullah Omar.

Meanwhile, when asked about the claims of a few parties who complained that the cost and price of traveling in some locations in the country were more expensive than in Thailand, Nolee Ashilin said it was still under control in Perak.

In fact, according to her, so far his party has always developed and announced special holiday packages for visitors to Perak.

“This phenomenon is common, many may see their chosen destination as much cheaper than in Malaysia.

“But I’m sure recently, the examples taken like in Langkawi Island are quite different from Perak.

“We found that in Perak, the rates are still very reasonable compared to the cost of food and accommodation. To me, these are all options.

“We always promote from packages, which is where we can get discounts, and the government also subsidizes through vouchers.

“In Langkawi, it may be due to the lack of workers, the logistics cost is high. If we compare the prices in Langkawi Island and Pangkor, there is also a big difference, so far I have not heard any complaints that the prices here (Perak) are too expensive,” she said.

In the meantime, he hopes that Malaysians can prioritize local tourism products, to help service and tourism operators.

Recently, the media reported that the Immigration, Customs and Quarantine (ICQ) Complex and the Tanah Melayu (KTM) Berhad Padang Besar station were severely overcrowded as people took advantage of the Malaysia Day holiday and the weekend to go to Thailand.

Thailand is expected to receive seven to 10 million foreign tourists this year after easing restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, while a total of 647,648 Malaysians were recorded as coming to Thailand for the first eight months of this year.

source – Aida Aziz

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