The tradition of ‘big meal’ attracts tourists in China

The tradition of ‘big meal’ attracts tourists in China

BEIJING: The arrival of the Chinese New Year around the world is celebrated festively and full of tradition, especially in the country of the great wall of China.

As usual, the day before entering the new year, the Chinese community will hold a big meal to gather relatives.

But there are others in some villages in Zhejiang and Chongqing in China that hold a traditional long table feast for the spring festival this time.

The ceremony was accompanied by music and dance, in addition to artistic events.

The ceremony, known as the Long Street Banquet, gathered more than 200 tourists, to eat together along 100 meters of the city’s main street to fuel the celebration.

The community claims that they will hold two meals a day, namely noon and night for six days.

Also involved are 150 villagers to celebrate a ‘big meal’ with their families.

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