The tourism sector needs to be improved, to strengthen the national economy – Mustapa

The tourism sector needs to be improved, to strengthen the national economy – Mustapa

BACHOK: The allocation of RM200 million through Budget 2023 for the purpose of encouragement, promotion and marketing, as well as strengthening the recovery of the tourism sector is seen as one of the efforts to restore the economy in the country.

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economy) Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said considering the slow rate of economic growth next year, various efforts need to be made including encouraging the entry of foreign tourists and increasing domestic tourism.

“This budget is 3R, among which is to continue and strengthen the recovery of the country’s economy so that it recovers, next year everyone knows that the economic growth rate will be a little low.

“So there must be an effort to ensure that the country’s economy continues to grow, including the tourism sector which has been affected by COVID19,” he said after holding a meeting and visit of heads of households at the program to eradicate the poor in Kampung Kubang Golok, here this afternoon.

Mustapa said, the endemic transition phase saw the tourism sector recover quickly and quickly.

“We have found that after COVID19, some domestic tourism centers have received very good response and the efforts in the budget will definitely boost the growth of the tourism sector, especially domestic.

“At the same time, we also need to focus on attracting interest in overseas tourism which is now increasingly showing an increase in the number of foreign tourists between 3-4 million people, compared to before COVID19 which recorded a figure of almost 20 million foreign tourists.

“Tourism is an important sector because its comprehensive impact involves the hospitality, food, small and medium industries, transport and so on,” he added.

source – Vivi Sumanti

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