The Top Songs Travellers Need To Boost Their Language Skills Quick

The Top Songs Travellers Need To Boost Their Language Skills Quick

From Shakira to Mahmood, Memrise analyses the songs that will help travellers learn French, Italian and Spanish the fastest

LONDON, Aug. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Memrise (, a language-learning platform with over 63 million users, has analysed songs from around the world to determine which songs in Spanish, French, and Italian facilitate the fastest and easiest learning for travellers to be ready for their end of summer holidays this month.

Need to cram in a last minute “how do I order a coffee?” in French, maybe a “one ice-cream please” in Italian, or “where is the best beach?” in Spanish? Memrise have got you.

With a number of studies showing that total immersion in the chosen language is the best way to learn successfully and retain the information, language experts at Memrise have found that pairing world music hits with their lessons makes the learning process more efficient, enjoyable and successful. From this, Memrise have developed a series of lessons, available free online, on forty-nine of the most popular global tracks, to help learners rapidly acquire language skills to boss that bar karaoke or pick up that slang word they’ve always wanted to learn.

“We all know and have experienced the benefits of immersing ourselves in songs, learning the words and moves, and playing this out to friends and family. In many ways, this is core to how Memrise works – immersing yourself in the language, learning and communicating. We’re bringing Memrise and music together, to make it even easier to learn foreign languages, and also launching the Cultural Karaoke competition to give Memrise fans the best way to learn a language – actually visiting the country of choice.” said Steve Toy, CEO at Memrise.

Cultural Karaoke competition
To celebrate the launch of this series of lessons, Memrise are running a competition across TikTok where people are asked to create a video miming or singing along to one of twelve carefully selected songs that Memrise have analysed to help users on their language learning journey. The rules for entering are simple: learn the lyrics with Memrise, create a TikTok video with the song’s sound, and add hashtags #culturalkaraoke and #memrisemusic. Entries will be put into a prize draw where users can win one of three mini iPads and a Travel Cash prize up to $1,000USD**.

The competition will run for six weeks from 18th August until the 30th September.

To access lessons built around selected songs or see how to enter the Memrise Cultural Karaoke competition visit Memrise’s giveaway page.

** t&cs apply

About Memrise
Memrise is the immersive language learning platform, with over 60 million users, that teaches you real-world language that locals actually use.

Memrise’s ‘Learn, Immerse, Communicate’ method uses state-of-the-art technology, including video clips of from real locals, to continually bounce users from memorisation training to real-world listening, to practising useful conversations and back again. It’s as close as you’ll get to learning a language without going to the specific country.

Founded in 2010 by Ben Whately and Ed Cooke, Memrise won the Google I/O 2017 ‘Best App Award’. Today, there are Memrise users in 189 countries learning languages on iOS, Android, and Web:

SOURCE – Memrise

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