The time has come for the Malay language to be raised to the same level as other languages ​​in the world – PM

The time has come for the Malay language to be raised to the same level as other languages ​​in the world – PM

SHAH ALAM: The time has come for the dignity of the Malay language to be raised on the world stage and the people need to be convinced that the national language is on par with other languages ​​in the world.

The Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said, the use of Malay does not make a country backward, on the contrary, developed countries also use their own language.

“Developed countries in the world such as Japan, Germany and other European countries, use their language and do not make them backward compared to other countries. It is not the language that makes the country progress, so rest assured that Bahasa Malay is equal to other languages,” he said at the Public Dialogue Session in conjunction with the Idea Bina Nation 2022 program, here, today.

Ismail Sabri said, through his experience while attending various international conferences and bilateral national discussions, most national leaders choose to speak using their language.

“There is no need to go far, (see) ASEAN every country I go to (their leaders) speak their language without shame… suddenly Malaysia seems to have no language of its own, speaking the language of others,” he said.

“In an international conference, the important thing is that our message is delivered, in today’s modern times it is translated directly when I speak straight out in English and other languages,” he said in response to a question from a student, about what he wants to show the world when he spoke in Malay during the recent United Nations (UN) assembly.

On Sept 23, Ismail Sabri made history as the first Malaysian leader to speak entirely in Malay at the UN assembly in New York.

“I am a Malay, I am a Malaysian. We have our culture, we have our language. How do outsiders see a Malay, a Malaysian not using their own language, but using the language of others. Wherever we are, Jati We have to maintain ourselves,” said the Prime Minister.

At the joint dialogue session with young people, including online for about 45 minutes, Ismail Sabri also informed that Budget 2023, which will be presented this Friday, has a special title for young people.

source – BERNAMA

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