The ‘style’ of the Malaysian Family, get good parents-in-law, love like your own child

The ‘style’ of the Malaysian Family, get good parents-in-law, love like your own child

It’s okay not to be rich, as long as you have a good family and always live with love, you’re very grateful. It is the same for this married couple who are intermarried and their lives are very harmonious.

Usually there are challenges to understand other cultures, but what is unique for Dr. Siti Hajar Md Hanif’s family is that the in-laws are very kind and respect each other.

Through a video shared by Dr Siti Hajar, her Indian mother-in-law, Thaivanai A/P Muniady treated her very well and helped her manage herself during confinement after giving birth on June 30.

“I gave birth to my third child this year. Before that I had already planned, my mother-in-law came from Perak to take care of me during the abstinence period.

“Two weeks before giving birth again, he came because at that time I was really pregnant. She helps cook for me who is increasingly unable to move, is ready to help take care of the children (grandchildren) who want to go to school.

“When I gave birth, she continued to take care of me. Cook forbidden food, prepare herbal bath water, take care of the baby while I massage. She also helped to clean the house and wash the clothes,” she said.

Even more interesting, Dr Siti Hajar said, her husband embraced Islam in 2014 and is now called Iskandar Chai Yoong Sang.

Talking more about the uniqueness of her family, the 36-year-old woman said her father-in-law is Chinese and Christian while her mother-in-law is Indian and Hindu.

Reflecting on the abstinence process, Dr Siti Hajar said Thaivani takes care of herself according to the Malay way but cooks Chinese cuisine.

“The mother-in-law usually cooks steamed fish or chicken, taucu fish, kam heong shrimp and chicken soup for normal days or during Chinese New Year celebrations. During abstinence, she cooked me steamed chicken with red dates and goji berries.

“My mother is really good at cooking because after getting married she lived with her Chinese mother-in-law. Her mother-in-law took care of abstinence, so she learned a lot to cook the Chinese way.

“Although there are different practices and cultures, there are actually not many differences in the way of abstinence between these three nations. The only difference in cooking is because I don’t really follow taboos like the Malays of old,” she said.

According to him, this is the second time his mother-in-law helps him take care of himself until the 30th day of abstinence.

Following his sharing, many are happy to see the closeness of this family who live with love.

“Alhamdulilah..getting a good mother-in-law is one of God’s blessings”

“Respect your mother-in-law ma’am….1 in 10….prosperity ma’am

“It’s nice to see a family like this. I pray for the best for my family”

“Nation and religion are not the measure of happiness. But whoever chooses God to be happy together is a GIFT. Alhamdulillah

source – Pa and Ma

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