The Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement Releases its NFL Weekend “Bigfoots are Coming” Music Video ~

~ Staunch Moderates™ – The Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement Releases its NFL Weekend “Bigfoots are Coming” Music Video ~

The Bigfoots are Coming! The Bigfoots are Coming! The Bigfoots are Coming!

LOS ANGELES and ASPEN, Colo., Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement is releasing its “Bigfoots are Coming” music video on January 28, 2022, to coincide with the Championship Weekend of the NFL Championships. Being released on all formats including Staunch Moderates News YouTube channel,, the Staunch Moderates Media Network and any of their social media channels (links below).

“What does a Bigfoot’s expansion football team concept have to do with the business of an intellectual movement seeking to address the “Great Divide” and to strive for both national and world peace?” Our real-world message, which seems more important now than perhaps at any other time in our history except for the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, is that it is crucial we as an entire nation step back, and as Americans, as one country, de-escalate, begin to listen and love one another again, working to create peace”, said Gregory T. Simmons, Founder of Staunch Moderates Movement.

To address this “Great Divide” we must first acknowledge that its existence and evolution have happened congruently with the invention and growth of social media and the massive exponential growth in technology. This implies that we must have a Bigfoot-sized footprint on regulating social media and the advancement of technology to at least attempt to keep them from spinning out of control and turning society into who knows what? We need to focus on properly managing these advancements in order to steer us toward love and peace as opposed to frightening division and hatred that such innovation has recently produced. It’s a tall order, but we must try!”, continues Simmons.

“We believe it is imperative to abolish these “Us vs. Them” and extremism mentalities that have become so prevalent in this new decade’s belligerent, antagonistic, war-like culture of politics. “Us vs. Them” and extremism belongs in football and other sports. It belongs in good natured squabbles like whether Bigfoots are real or not! “Us vs. Them” cannot be the bedrock of politics in a democracy. It’s native to the regimes based in communism and dictatorships that are found in democratic enemies such as the Taliban and the tyrants ruling in Russia, China, and North Korea. America, we need to de-escalate to again find love and peace, and we need to encourage our enemies to do the same for the good of mankind. Additionally, nothing has more gravitas in American sports and culture than an NFL Football team, and we feel that the gravitas of our message of de-escalation, love and peace should carry just as much weight for us humans, the era in which we live and our future”, said Edward Lozzi, former Press Office staffer in White House-former NCAA Football player for Tennessee and Press Secretary of Staunch Moderates.

“The Bigfoots are Coming” single and music video are the Staunch Moderates’ first true Single release since dropping their album, “The First Realm,” last year on September 10 (opening weekend of the 2021/22 NFL Football season), which featured Jeffery Skunk Baxter of the Doobie Brother and Steelie Dan. (It’s important to note that Jeff Skunk Baxter is non-political and is performing due to his love of music).

“The First Realm” stars rap artists Casanova Ace and our own Bigfoot DJ Staunch! The sport of football has been a great analogy for us to help tell the story of our movement since its inception. It shows well in their 14 track FIRST REALM album.

“We’re also very grateful that the opening song ‘Socrates Café, from our 14-track album ‘The First Realm’, made it onto this year’s Grammys ballot for best rap song!”, said Casanova Ace, lead rap singer on the album and the new Bigfoots Are Coming song and music video.

Staunch Moderates is an Intellectual Movement about addressing the political divide and striving for both national and world peace, formed in December of 2019 and mobilized quickly to campaign the movement throughout the 2020 Election Year. Staunch Moderates actively campaigned in 16 different Primary states by hosting 35 vital societal issue forums, conducting polls and producing several interviews with different political celebrities during the conventions and debates. With Casanova Ace rapping, they even hosted a live Election Day Show with a panel of 10 of our political celebrity friends including Barry Goldwater Jr., Olympic Mogul Skier Maggie Connor, and Presidential Fitness Counselor Lou Ferrigno.

“The Bigfoots are Coming” New Music video! CLICK SHJF4gId8

Staunch Moderates Emmy Nominated Song ‘Socrates Café’ on ‘The First Realm’

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