The Staunch Moderates™ Intellectual Movement Releases its “Bigfoots Baseball” Music Video

The Staunch Moderates™ Intellectual Movement Releases its “Bigfoots Baseball” Music Video

The Staunch Moderates™ Intellectual Movement Releases its “Bigfoots Baseball” Music Video to Celebrate the Start of the 2022 Major League Baseball Season.

Bigfoots at the Ballpark!

ASPEN, Colo., April 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Staunch Moderates Intellectual Movement has released their “Bigfoots Baseball” music video today to coincide with Major League Baseball’s 2022 season opening. The effort hints at the Movement’s light-hearted interest in a possible expansion MLB team concept, but there’s also a more important purpose behind the move. As with the Movement’s previous release of their professional football music video “The Bigfoots are Coming” in January of this year, this latest content drop once again begs the question: “What does professional sports have to do with the business of an intellectual movement seeking to address the ‘Great Divide’ and strive for both national and world peace?” The answer centers around the Movement’s belief that by leveraging the cultural platforms of the two most popular sports in the U.S., they can spread the Movement’s philosophical message in a more impactful manner.

Users can also as view the music video as well as Staunch Moderates’ other content: Updates Series, Documentary Series & Staunch Moderates Music Videos on the Staunch Moderates News YouTube Channel,, the Staunch Moderates Media Network, or any of their social media channels (links below).

And speaking of impact, one can’t get too far into the Staunch Moderates Movement without being introduced to their eight-foot-tall Bigfoot mascot named Staunch, who proudly represents the Movement’s home base of Aspen, CO. Staunch Moderates spent the first few years of its existence with their heads down, focusing intensely on launching and spreading their intellectual and political philosophy through the 2020 Election Year and beyond. However, they believe it’s also important to have an outlet to keep themselves balanced mentally, which is why they’re dedicated to spreading their message through entertainment and what they like to call “the Funnies,” in addition to their well-established political and musical verticals. These sports ideas fall under the Staunch Moderates Funnies concept, which is, as with all of the Movement’s content, being produced and released under their Staunch Moderates Media Network and Staunch Moderates Studios banners.

Don’t be fooled by their levity and tongue-in-cheek approach, however; Staunch Moderates stay true to their cause of addressing “The Great Divide” and getting their mantra out to the people: Those on both sides of the intellectual and political aisle must attempt to set differences aside and find common middle ground to allow for meaningful evaluation, negotiation. compromise, and decision-making in order to achieve the most equitable solutions humanly possible!

The “Bigfoots Baseball” single and accompanying music video are the latest releases from Staunch Moderates’ debut music album, “The First Realm,” which they released on September 10th, 2021, during opening weekend of the 2021/22 NFL Football season, featuring rap artists Casanova Ace and the Movement’s DJ Staunch, along with Jeffrey “Skunk” Baxter, lead guitarist of the Doobie Brothers and founding member of Steely Dan (Jeffrey is non-political however and is simply performing due to his love of music!)

Enjoy the video and stay tuned for much more to come from Staunch Moderates Studios this year

About Staunch Moderates
Staunch Moderates are an Intellectual Movement that addresses our country’s current intellectual and political divide and strives for both national and world peace. Formed in December of 2019, the Movement hit the ground running, campaigning for their messages throughout the 2020 Election Year. They actively campaigned in sixteen different states by hosting 35 vital societal issue forums, conducting polls and producing several interviews with different political celebrities during the conventions and debates. With Casanova Ace rapping, the team even hosted a live Election Day Show with a panel of ten of their closest political celebrity friends, including former Congressman Barry Goldwater, former bodybuilding champion Lou Ferrigno, Olympian Maggie Connor and former White House press office staffer Edward P. Lozzi, among others. For fans, constituents and the curious, check it all out at or any of their social media channels.

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