The significance of the Royal Standard, the flag that draped the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II

The significance of the Royal Standard, the flag that draped the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II

LONDON: The body of Queen Elizabeth II left Balmoral Palace, Scotland last Sunday marking the beginning of her final journey to the burial place which will be held in Westminster Abbey, London next Monday.

In the ceremony full of ceremony and honor, the eyes of the public must have been focused on every detail used throughout the process of the queen’s funeral.

This includes the flag that draped the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.

The flag, known as the Royal Standard , has significant significance for the British royal family, especially for the longest reigning queen in the world.

According to the Royal Family portal , this flag symbolizes the royal sovereignty and the empire of the United Kingdom (UK).

This Royal Standard flag has various versions since it was first used during the Union of the Crowns in 1603 which marked the unification of Scotland and England through the same monarchy under the rule of the King of Scotland, King James VI after the death of Queen Elizabeth I, who died without heir.

The flag is divided into four parts which represent the three empires, the three golden lions refer to the empire of England, the deep red lion represents the Scottish empire, while the harp symbol represents Ireland.

On Queen Elizabeth II’s final journey, two versions of the flag were used : the Royal Standard of Scotland (when her body was in Scotland) and the Royal Standard of the United Kingdom (when she arrived in London on Tuesday night).

The Royal Standard of Scotland was changed to the Royal Standard of the United Kingdom as soon as his body left Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, to be taken to Buckingham Palace in London.

More interestingly, this Royal Standard flag has accompanied Queen Elizabeth throughout her life.

If you notice, this flag flies on every official vehicle of His Majesty when he visits anywhere.

This flag is also flown when Her Majesty is in any of her castles throughout the UK and Scotland, this includes the aircraft used by Her Majesty in fulfilling her duties as Queen Reign.

Unlike the Union Jack flag, the Royal Standard will never be flown at half-mast even after the death of any of the country’s royal family, including Her Majesty herself.

Its significance is to signify that the British royal monarchy continues to remain on the throne forever.

source – Nickyson Nyambar

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