The search for the Teen Goddess is more diverse, the finalists are ‘filtered’ to avoid controversy

The search for the Teen Goddess is more diverse, the finalists are ‘filtered’ to avoid controversy

PETALING JAYA: After three years of not being able to take place following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Dewi Remaja competition is back again this year.

Unlike the previous edition, among the variations featured this time is the opening of participation to young girls aged 18 to 25 years.

The line -up of 16 Teen Goddess Search participants was announced in a press conference on Thursday, with this edition expected to have a different impact based on the diversity of backgrounds of its participants.

“The number of followers on social media does not play a direct role because if that is a factor, 80 percent of these finalists do not qualify because some only have 1,000 followers.

“They are selected based on criteria such as communication, appearance and mannerisms.

“This year we took 25 -year -old participants due to a lot of demand, so after discussing we shifted the qualifying age to another year to 25 years,” said REMAJA Managing Editor, Fiezreen Ahmad.

To avoid controversy like the one that has erupted before, the selection of participants is made carefully taking into account various aspects of their background.

“Among the measurements for these 16 participants is that we send them to the authorities to filter out certain things such as misconduct because we want when they enter the industry, they are comfortable.

“If they are ever involved in bad things, it will affect both parties, so we make sure they are free from bad things before making a choice,” said Astro RIA Channel Manager, Prima and Warna, Norzeha Mohd Salleh.

The Search for Teen Goddess this time features actress Fikry Ibrahim as the host and Rozita Che Wan as the permanent jury, in addition to an invited jury every week.

The selection of Rozita Che Wan as the permanent jury is based on the credibility of the former finalist of Dewi Remaja 1994, who managed to make a name as one of the famous actresses, models and spokespersons in Malaysia.

The Search for the Teen Goddess 2022 will be screened at Astro RIA at 8.30 pm, starting July 16.

Viewers also have the opportunity to choose their favorite goddess for the Favorite Goddess category, through voting on the official website of Remaja magazine.

source – Madiha Abdullah

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