The Sail Melaka launches into the new year with inaugural Straits Gala showcase

The Sail Melaka launches into the new year with inaugural Straits Gala showcase

The Straits Gala aims to be a step towards transforming Melaka into an international fashion destination

The fashion show featured works from the Straits Designers’ Gallery (SDG), including designs by Bill Keith and over 30 labels.

PROPERTY developer Sheng Tai International (STI) kicked off the new year with a bang, hosting the inaugural Straits Gala Melaka 2023 to mark the completion of Phase 1 of The Sail Melaka project.

The event took place at The Sail Superdome and is part of the developer’s mission to elevate Melaka into an international fashion and lifestyle destination. It was attended by approximately 1,000 guests, including international investors from over 15 countries, to explore business opportunities and showcase Melaka on the international stage.

At the gala, guests were treated to a fashion parade featuring a diverse range of designs from local and international labels and designers. Headlining the show was designer talent from the Straits Designers’ Gallery (SDG), including exciting designs by Bill Keith, as well as an array of over 30 labels from countries such as Japan, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Jaclyn Victor was among the surprise guest performers at the Strait Gala event. – Pic courtesy of STI

The lineup also included new talent from University Technology Mara (UiTM), highlighting the event’s focus on nurturing emerging designers. The event also served as an evaluation platform for Fashion TV Academy Malaysia’s trained models, with top graduates standing a chance to participate in international events held by FashionTV Paris.

“Creating a fashion hub is a long-term endeavour that requires stakeholders across the board coming together – from designers to manufacturers of materials to models and marketers, from government bodies to industry organisations.

“Ultimately, we want to establish Melaka as a one-stop hub for specialty design and making apparel and accessories. Through our partnership with FashionTV, we believe there will be more opportunities for our local talents, be it models, influencers or fashion designers, to shine on the international stage.

“In addition, we are also honing entrepreneurial skills among our designer talent, not just their creative side, to ensure they are ready to break into the international business,” said designer Bill Keith, who runs the SDG.

The Sail Melaka, scheduled for full completion in 2033, is one of the tallest nine-tower linked structures in the world. – Pic courtesy of STI

In addition to the fashion show, guests were also treated to a percussion performance on a huge bespoke screen, as well as live performances by talented artistes such as violinist virtuoso Megan Mei, popular singers Jaclyn Victor and Kenny Low.

STI’s chairman and founder Leong Sir Ley hopes the event will be able to show the world what Malaysia has to offer.

“With Melaka once being a key cosmopolitan port in Southeast Asia during the golden era of trade in the 15th century, I felt that this is the right place to gather people from around the world and cultures across the world to enjoy Malaysian hospitality, food and culture, especially the unique diversity of Melaka – and enticing them to invest in The Sail,” she remarked.

The Sail Superdome is a versatile and spacious venue that can accommodate a wide range of events, from large-scale conferences and exhibitions to fashion shows and live performances.

Scheduled for full completion by 2033, The Sail Melaka – one of the tallest nine-tower linked structures in the world, is situated on a 27.5-acre plot in Kota Laksamana at the heart of the 33km Melaka Waterfront Economic Zone (M-WEZ), next to the Melaka Coastal Highway.

source – The Vibes

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