The relationship ended, Shakira ‘smelled’ Pique’s cheating in the fridge

The relationship ended, Shakira ‘smelled’ Pique’s cheating in the fridge

Shakira’s feud with her ex-partner Pique is said to be the inspiration behind her soon-to-be-released revenge single.

BARCELONA: The famous pop singer Shakira revealed the cheating of her partner, Barcelona FC defender, Gerard Pique was finally revealed after finding strawberry jam in the couple’s home ‘spoiled’.

Citing a Mirror report, the 45-year-old singer said she found the ‘truth’ in the fridge.

Reflecting on that, Shakira, who had just arrived home, felt strange considering that throughout their life together, Pique had never enjoyed strawberry jam. Likewise with the couple’s two children, Milan and Sasha who do not like to enjoy the jam.

For the record, Shakira and Pique announced their separation in June last year after 12 years together.

Pique is now rumored to be in a relationship with Clara Chin, 23, since last October. But there are reports that this couple has started a romantic relationship since Pique was still with Shakira.

In the meantime, Shakira raised the story of Pique’s cheating through the music video ‘Te Felicito’.

After this couple separated, Shakira reportedly planned to take her two children to Miami, United States, away from her ex-partner.

However, due to Shakira’s 91-year-old father being unwell and hospitalized in Barcelona, ​​plans to move had to be temporarily postponed.

Meanwhile, Shakira’s feud with her ex-partner, Pique is said to be the inspiration for the soon-to-be-launched
single ‘revenge’.

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