The Ramadan buffet has increased in price but is still affordable

The Ramadan buffet has increased in price but is still affordable

SEREMBAN: Although there is a 10 percent increase in the price of the iftar buffet in most hotels in Negeri Sembilan, it is still affordable.

Chairman of the Association of Malaysian Hotels (MAH) Negeri Sembilan, Haziz Hassan said, the price of the buffet offered was mostly between RM45 and RM65.

“The increase in the price of raw materials has caused hoteliers to increase buffet prices.

“But I think it’s still reasonable because even if we go up too high, people don’t want to come and break their fast at the hotel,” he told Sinar Harian on Thursday.

According to him, with the price offered, he expects the celebration of breaking the fast at the hotel through the Ramadan buffet will not be affected.

This is because, he said, it only happens once a year and most of those who book iftar at the hotel are companies, agencies or organizations that wish to celebrate their employees or members.

Haziz also refuted the perception of some individuals who think breaking fast at a hotel with buffet prices offered is a waste.

“This is not a waste, but an appreciation because Ramadan is only once a year. It is a choice for those who can afford it.

“But I also want to advise that even if you pay to enjoy all the dishes provided without limit, don’t waste it by taking large quantities of food but not consuming it,” he said.

In the meantime, he also encouraged hotels in Negeri Sembilan to offer Rahmah Ramadan Menu.

He said, for now only the Dwarf Hotel in Port Dickson provides the menu which is a set of rice priced at RM5.

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