The Ramadan bazaar in Sabah, Sarawak is lively again

The Ramadan bazaar in Sabah, Sarawak is lively again

KUALA LUMPUR: The Ramadan bazaar that is held every year is always the focus of Malaysians to get food to break the fast and its excitement is felt again, including in Sabah and Sarawak, today.

In SABAH, a total of eight bazaars were opened in Kota Kinabalu, namely at Deasoka Intersection; Sembulan night market site; Indah Permai car field; Tanjung Aru car field; Inanam night market site; Kingfisher night market site; Inanam Point night market site and Dewan Damai car park.

For a Ramadan bazaar trader at Lintasan Desoka, Ikhwan Zulkarnain Abdul Patak, 36, said he and his family members practice the concept of “baraqah” in business that offers a variety of rice and side dishes at low prices to visitors.

“The price of raw materials is expensive now, but we think we are looking for ‘baraqah’ in doing business, especially this month of Ramadan, it is true that the profit is not much, but if we sell at a low price, many people buy more profit, that is also how we can help the less fortunate,” he said, who sells rice and two side dishes for under RM7, as well as rice and three side dishes for under RM10.

In addition, Abel Benwel Akop, 48, a government official said it has become an “annual event” for himself and his family to visit the bazaar to find tasty and unique halal food in the State below the Bayu.

“We in Sabah are not strange when non-Muslims like to look for halal food because we live in multiple backgrounds for a long time, I have loved looking for halal food since I was young because I know it is cleaner and tastier, so this bazaar is where I look for delicious and unique halal food every year,” he said.

However, the average Ramadan Bazaar visitors and traders that Bernama met asked bazaar traders across the country to do business honestly, provide the best service and charge reasonable prices to customers.

For university student Siti Aisyah Rosdi, 24, said traders and visitors also need to take care of their behavior so as not to engage in indecent acts, dress inappropriately and be prudent in the use of social media.

Meanwhile, Mohd Shajirie Rahman, 28, regretted the dishonest attitude of traders in selling food at the bazaar such as “oxygen” currypap which refers to currypap lacking substance, drinking water not cooked properly and some food being sold stale.

In SARAWAK, the sunny weather conditions in the evening in the Kuching area give people the opportunity to visit the Ramadan Bazaar to buy “sungkai” or “sungkei” (break the fast) food.

A Bernama survey found that Ramadan bazaar traders in the city started to be at the sales site as early as 12 noon and members of the public began to flood the bazaar location at 4 pm.

Among the sweets that are awaited and will usually make a “resurgence” in conjunction with the month of fasting in the state are sold in most bazaar locations such as kuih telaga emas, kuih bongkol, kuih takir and tapai daun apong.

According to the North Kuching City Hall (DBKU), a total of 168 sales sites for the Ramadan Bazaar are available in three locations namely Satok, Semarak and Sukma Ria, while the South Kuching City Council (MBKS) provides 160 sales sites involving Stutong Commercial Center and Stutong Community Market.

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