The police never closed the investigation into the disappearance of Zalina Azman

The police never closed the investigation into the disappearance of Zalina Azman

SHAH ALAM: More than 20 individuals involving family members and friends of former TV3 personality Zalina Azman have been recorded since the individual was reported missing in November last year.

Shah Alam District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Mohd Iqbal Ibrahim said that the efforts to track and locate Zalina were carried out by him and never stopped.

“So far more than 20 individuals have recorded evidence involving Zalina’s family members and friends, and so far no new clues have been found.

“I would like to emphasize that this case has never been closed, and the search for Zalina has intensified over time,” he said.

He said the investigation also involved Zalina’s residence in Section 2 here.

“So far, there has not been any movement in and out of the personality’s house,” he said.

Iqbal explained, his side always welcomes the cooperation of any party or individual who has the latest information related to Zalina.

“If any party has information related to Zalina, contact the police immediately or come to any nearby police station to assist in the investigation regarding this case,” he said.

For almost a year, former TV3 personality Zalina Azman is believed to have been missing since November last year.

The name of the former TV3 personality, Zalina Azman was mentioned again when the Shah Alam District Police Headquarters (IPD) issued an announcement regarding the disappearance of the former personality last July.

The notification was issued after the victim’s son made a report regarding the disappearance of his mother who allegedly failed to contact him since 24 November 2021.

The police received a report about the disappearance from Zalina’s son on November 29 last year who had been trying to contact her since November 24 to inform her that her grandfather had been hospitalized.

However, it is understood that Zalina could not be contacted.

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