The “Night, Mother” theater isn’t just about diving into mental health issues

The “Night, Mother” theater isn’t just about diving into mental health issues

KUALA LUMPUR: ” Night, Mother, ” a theater by Marsha Norman that features a story in the living room of a secluded house in the evening shared by Jessie and her elderly mother, Thelma, will find audiences starting tomorrow (January 6).

Jessie, an unemployed epileptic sufferer and suffers from a failed marriage as well as having a very troubled son.

The theater marks Pat Gui’s debut as a director after being in the theater industry for 30 years and specializing in production stage management.

After all these years, Pat Gui felt it was time to change the wind for a while and see what it was like to be in the director’s chair.

Why was this script chosen for the theater this time?

It is because of the very strong work that is and is centered on the two characters in the work.

The focus is especially on these two female characters and not on special effects, fancy sets or even fashion. It will be an emotional roller coaster ride .

It goes back to the basics of making theater even though this drama touches on mental health issues, yet it is not the main subject highlighted in the theater that will run for 11 days today.

The theater will be staged at a new theater venue, PJPac at One Utama from 6 to 16 January 2022 and starring Sukania Venugopal and Anitha Ab Hamid.

Actress Sukania Venugopal has worked in Malaysia and Singapore for theater, TV and film projects, including the film Talentime directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad.

She performed and co-directed dance drama with The Temple of Fine Arts, worked in children’s theater and musicals, and was a pioneer performer with The Instant Cafe Theater.

Anitha Abd Hamid has experience in radio, television, short and independent films and of course in the field of theater.

He is involved in theater productions such as’ Scorpion Orchid ‘,’ The Killing of Sister George ‘,’ Ang Tau Mui ‘,’ When They Dance 3 ‘,’ Silence, Please ‘,’ Love the Rabbit ‘,’ Project Watermelon ‘,’ Love Journey ‘,’ Bare Becket ‘ and ‘ The Language Archive.

Tickets for the theater are now on sale at at RM95 (excluding ticket fees). Early bird tickets are sold at RM85 (excluding ticket fees) and expire on 30 November 2021.

-Astro Awani

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