The meaning of independence in the people’s country

The meaning of independence in the people’s country

SEPARATE with a distance of 5,715 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing really makes anyone miss their hometown.

Not to mention when the country will celebrate its 65th independence day this Wednesday.

Like the saying goes, ‘Gold rains on people’s countries, stones rain on your own country’, the love and affection for one’s own country exceeds everything.

For the approximately 4,000 Malaysian citizens who are now in mainland China, the celebration of independence day is a much-awaited time.

This is because, independence day is the only event that can or is capable of reuniting Malaysian citizens whether they are workers or students here.

It is not an easy thing to gather Malaysians in a relatively large number here, in addition to the strict procedures due to the zero Covid-19 policy implemented.

Because of that, the writer was informed that only around 150 citizens could attend to celebrate the 65th Independence Day.

Although there are only 150 people, it is not an obstacle for the Malaysian Embassy in China to make preparations to ensure that it takes place in a grand manner.

In fact, it is understood that this year’s independence day celebration will be held on a larger scale than in the previous year.

This is because, the Malaysian Ambassador to China, Raja Datuk Nushirwan Zainal Abidin said, according to the culture practiced in China, every celebration that ends with a blank or five such as 60 or 65, it should be done more festively than the previous year.

“The situation is different in Malaysia, usually in any large-scale celebration it will only be held every 10 years.

“Because we are in China now, we will follow this generational culture. So, the celebration this time will definitely be lively,” he said.

This year, the welcome will not be held at the embassy building, but will be held at a prominent hotel in Beijing.

“This year, the celebration will be attended by 400 guests and 150 of them are Malaysians in China including from the embassy.
“For students, only those who study near this area will come.

“In other regions, it’s quite difficult because they have to quarantine,” he explained.

In addition, among other reasons the celebration was held on a large scale was to introduce culture and food to the people of China.

Therefore, the 65th Independence Day Celebration appeared different when the embassy organized the Malaysia Truly Asia Festival which was launched on 15 August.

It started with the Launch Ceremony of the Malaysia Truly Asia Festival 2022 and was followed by the 17th Palm Oil Health and Nutrition Forum.

More interestingly, the embassy also organizes the Peranakan Art Salon, the Peranakan Art Exhibition and the Truly Asia Malaysian Food Week Festival which can be attended by Chinese residents.

For the Malaysian Food Week Festival which starts on August 25 until August 30, there are approximately up to 50 menus served to customers who make reservations.

During the launch of the Malaysian Food Week Festival, the writer had time to ask some questions to the people in China. Various positive responses received.

Among them, one of the residents in Beijing, Zhou Sin, 55, expressed his excitement at being able to enjoy Malaysian food such as nasi lemak, nasi campur, rendang, satay and durian.

Therefore, he can’t wait to visit Malaysia when the borders are reopened and the Covid-19 situation returns to normal.

“I have tried all the Malaysian food. I was very excited when I tasted it. Chicken curry, fish curry are among my favorite foods. Very delicious.

“My friend also introduced me to durian. It’s really good and I will definitely eat it again,” he explained.

The writer thinks that the initiative taken by the Malaysian Embassy in China is a good thing and should be emulated.

This is because Malaysia’s name will be better known and can indirectly improve the country’s economy.

source – Sinar Harian

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