The marriage is allegedly troubled, Luqman Hafidz refuses to comment

The marriage is allegedly troubled, Luqman Hafidz refuses to comment

ACTOR Luqman Hafidz, 31, is not yet ready to answer speculation about his marriage to his wife, Nurul Atiqah Mad Apandi, 31, which is claimed to have ended.

According to Luqman or his real name, Muhd ​​Luqman Hafidz Mohd Fauzi, he will explain the matter when the time is right.

“What can be said, I am not yet ready to share anything related to personal (household) matters. All this time, I have never shared personal matters over career.

“For me, everyone has their own opinion on how to look at each problem.

“The reason is, we all cannot escape from having problems,” he said when met by Gempak after the mini press conference of his first Astana series.

Luqman added that he hopes that the approach he has taken to not share anything about his personal details at this time is respected and well received by everyone because the matter is quite difficult to talk about.

“Like I said, from the beginning I never shared my personal story with the public. I understand that as an artist, people really want to know our personal stories.

“So, if people still want to speculate, it’s up to me. I also want peace, I will talk about that (household) matter too, just wait for the right time,” he explained.

Luqman also admitted that he could not shut up the netizens who made the allegations and wanted to focus on his career.

Luqman married Nurul Atiqah on 20 March 2020 after four years of dating.

As a result of sharing that life, they were blessed with a child.

source – Gempak .

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