The Malaysian Media Council bill is expected to be tabled in Parliament by March 2024

The Malaysian Media Council bill is expected to be tabled in Parliament by March 2024

IPOH: The Malaysian Media Council Bill (RUU) is expected to be tabled in Parliament no later than March next year.

Communications and Digital Minister Fahmi Fadzil said that his ministry is currently in the final phase of preparing the draft bill after engaging with media industry players.

“We will forward the draft to the Attorney General’s office for scrutiny and then it will be taken to the Cabinet of Ministers meeting. Next, after approval by the Cabinet of Ministers, it will be presented in Parliament.

“Our expectation is as early as October when Parliament is in session, at that time or at the latest in the first session of 2024 which is around March,” he said at a press conference after the National Journalists’ Day Summit (HAWANA) 2023 which was officiated by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is here today.

He said he hoped that after the bill was presented and passed later, the organization of HAWANA for the next edition would be managed and implemented by the Malaysian Media Council, in line with the wishes expressed by the Prime Minister when officiating the event.

Meanwhile, Fahmi said his side was also looking into the issue of advertising expenses raised by media practitioners in the engagement session he had done before.

“I have received some preliminary frameworks for the mechanisms used in other countries, but for research and adaptation to the situation in Malaysia, I expect we can form a task force for a more in-depth engagement process.

“After the process is completed, we can take a draft of it to the Attorney General’s office followed by the Cabinet,” he said.

Therefore, he hopes that the players in the media industry will be able to continue to give their ideas and suggestions towards realizing that wish.

Commenting on the initial allocation of RM1 million for Tabung Kasih@Hawana announced by the Prime Minister, Fahmi said it gave his side an injection of encouragement to continue supporting journalists facing problems such as health and finances.

“I understand the situation very well. In addition to financial aid, there are other aspects that we can look into, for example helping them find a new career or how they can take advantage of the digital economy for their survival,” he said.

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