The jungle eco park under the JPNK management is temporarily closed

The jungle eco park under the JPNK management is temporarily closed

ALOR SETAR: All Eco Forest Parks (TER), State Forest Parks (HTN) and climbing areas within the Permanent Forest Reserve (HSK) under the management of the Kedah State Forestry Department (JPNK) are temporarily closed throughout the monsoon season to prevent any untoward incident.

Kedah Forestry Director Muhamad Abdullah said the closure was made until a date to be announced later, involving 10 TER including Ulu Muda State Park as well as 15 climbing areas in the state that are seen to be at high risk of incidents such as landslides and water heads.

“The closed TER and HTN are under the management of JPNK, involving TER Bukit Wang in Kubang Pasu; TER Puncak Janing (Padang Terap); TER Sungai Teroi (Yan); TER Lata Mengkuang (Sik); TER Sungai Rambai (Pendang); TER Tupah (Kuala Muda); TER Bukit Hijau and TER Lata Bayu (Baling); TER Ulu Paip (Kulim) and Taman Negeri Ulu Muda,” he said in a statement on Monday.

He said the 15 climbing areas that are temporarily closed for any climbing activities are Mount Jerai, Mount Kemerlong, Bukit Perak, Bukit Enggang, Bukit Saiong, Mount Bintang, Bukit Besar Kulim, Bukit Batu Merah and Bukit Fakir Terbang.

In addition, Bukit Lebai Husin Waterfall, Bukit Kilim, Mount Matchinchang, Bukit Selat Panchor, Mount Raya (Tanga Helang Seribu) and Bukit Batu Linin (Tuba Island).

In the meantime, Muhamad said a total of 10 TERs in Kedah that were privatized to operators were not involved in the temporary closure, however the operator companies involved were advised to also temporarily stop operations.

According to him the TER that was privatized was Pasir Tengkorak TER, Telaga Tujuh TER, Temurun Waterfall TER; Tasik Dayang Bunting TER and Gua Cherita TER in Langkawi; TER Seri Perigi, TER Batu Hampar and TER Titi Hayun in Yan; TER Parangin Sik and TER Sungai Sedim in Kulim.

“Responsibility for maintaining the safety of visitors on TER that has been privatized rests with the operator. JPNK hopes that visitors will comply with the instructions issued by the department for everyone’s safety,” he said.

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