The increase in the price of goods is not an obstacle for sour and sour traders to offer the Rahmah Menu

The increase in the price of goods is not an obstacle for sour and sour traders to offer the Rahmah Menu

MELAKA: Although it was initially challenging and felt irrelevant to offer the Rahmah Menu at a price of RM5 due to the increase in various goods and raw materials, it is not an obstacle for the operators of Asam Pedas Selera Kampung Restaurant here, to respond to the government’s call.

Saharudin Mohd Nor, 56, who has been involved in the food industry for 32 years, said he was able to offer the Rahmah Menu in collaboration with raw material suppliers he often deals with.

“Basically we are also challenged…where can we get the price of a plate of sour cream set with water for RM5?, but after discussing with the raw material supplier chain through the WhatsApp group, it can actually be done.

“But it does not involve large profits or losses, rather the participation of Restoran Asam Pedas Selera Kampung under the Rahmah Menu program is part of a charitable contribution to customers,” he told reporters after the Introduction Session of the Rahmah Menu Program here yesterday.

The introduction session was also attended by Director of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Living Costs (KPDN) Melaka Norena Jaafar.

Saharudin said the Rahmah Menu offer involves a set menu of sour and spicy chicken, tetel or fish with white rice, salted egg, vegetables and mineral water at a price of RM5 per plate.

He said that although the prices offered are very low, the quality of the food is still prioritized so that customers can enjoy the deliciousness of the cuisine as before.

He said for example, for the sour and spicy fish menu, he still uses mackerel but the size is a little smaller than usual.

“We don’t know yet how the Rahmah Menu will be received (after this) and if it’s great, maybe we’ll add… to begin with we’ll offer it to 100 customers first,” he said.

He said the Rahmah Menu was offered every Monday and Thursday and no purchase limit was imposed and hoped that the effort could help in reducing the cost of living of the people, especially the B40 group.

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